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1/18/2015 c4 14Fae-iou-and-sometimes-y
oh my oz this is fantastic! I'd almost say continue it (Gelphie-wise of course), but it works perfectly as-is. I loooooove your descriptive writing! It's as if [the reader(s)] ARE Elphie/G(a)linda/Fiyero... This is amazing! Keep writing :)

12/8/2014 c4 10Enyo-of-Chaos
Well that was an inferno if ever I read one. Yet again I'm seeing your humorous hints at sarcasm, and enjoying it immensely. Your descriptions were, for want of a better word, dreamy. Congratulations at writing one of the few erotic Wicked pieces I actually enjoyed.
11/30/2014 c4 15MyLittleElphie
Haha! Not a Flinda fan? lol
But who needs Flinda anyway if you have Fiyeraba and Gelphie in the same story already! :p
11/16/2014 c4 24TrebledWriter
That was good! Nice job!
11/16/2014 c4 londonmarise
This ending made me giggle lol. Great job! :)
11/8/2014 c3 TrebledWriter
Oph little Gelphie going on! Nice!
10/31/2014 c2 TrebledWriter
Well done! Again!
10/31/2014 c2 Gffgfhgfhfr
Wonderful. That's all I can say.
10/28/2014 c1 TrebledWriter
Hmm...I'm intrigued! I like!

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