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for A Fake Familiar

3/25 c3 8Archangel Change24
You do know fallen Angels can’t be made right? The evil piece system is owned by the devils and no other faction has the ability to turn humans into there race at this point in that universe. Now turn him to their SIDE maybe and recruit him sure! But not actually doing the whole turn into our race thing.
1/18 c2 Terracotta Tortilla
Haha, the cat devil is a thief. The ones saying her and her sis were criminals are right
12/12/2023 c1 MangoPeanutSituation
hehehe, I just find it a bit funny that instead of a hapless human accidentally summoning a devil, its the other way around XD
11/5/2023 c5 VamPyr00
Why is Issei still in the story? He's literally taking up like a third of the story with his POVs. I assumed due to your AN that he would be unimportant to the story but now I'm having doubts. He's a trash character that should have been killed off immediately IMO so keeping him around is ruining the story for me.
11/5/2023 c3 VamPyr00
I really, REALLY hope that Issei dies or something. You said in the AN not to worry about it and that we would enjoy him being there but I'm seriously doubtful.
11/5/2023 c2 VamPyr00
Guh, I really hope you do this right because I HATE Issei with a passion. I'll continue just to see if I find his presence...tolerable.
11/5/2023 c1 VamPyr00
I have to say, that was a pretty amazing start to a story. Well done.
10/10/2023 c1 Guest
bruh great red is literaly the apex of everything in dxd

as the dragon of dreams hes practically omnipotent

my guy beat infinity
6/10/2023 c1 3Tiulipa
Nah boy, 2/10. Tooo loooong dialogue, it piss me off.
4/13/2023 c3 BlazeStryker
Kings throughout the ages have always been hungry.-Saber, discussing Saber Lion just before deciding to feed her Lancer
2/23/2023 c1 GymNatty321
So there's no grail war? 2/10 no point in continuing.
2/23/2023 c1 GymNatty321
bro 185 cm (6.1) isn't tall. Unless you live in Japan where the average height is 171 cm (5.7).
2/4/2023 c1 Alex Rueda Segura
OHHHH YES I love it thank you
1/22/2023 c6 E.A.W.A.F
I hate to be the stand in for Gilgamesh here but never in a million years will the "faker" equal to or surpass the "original" in this case. Man I am SOOO disappointed. I saw an update to the story and I was sooo happy that I re-read through the whole story just to get to this...

All I can ask for, or plead for is this... please leave up this work for those to read in the future. It's truly well done and the passion and effort put into it can be felt even as an incomplete work. Thank you for writing and posting up to this point. It was an excellent story.
1/22/2023 c1 roblester00
i feel like people forget that Tracing is limited in the Nasuverse because of the presence of Gaia and Alaya. THEY DON'T FUCKING EXIST IN DXD
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