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for A Fake Familiar

6/10 c1 3Tiulipa
Nah boy, 2/10. Tooo loooong dialogue, it piss me off.
4/13 c3 BlazeStryker
Kings throughout the ages have always been hungry.-Saber, discussing Saber Lion just before deciding to feed her Lancer
2/23 c1 GymNatty321
So there's no grail war? 2/10 no point in continuing.
2/23 c1 GymNatty321
bro 185 cm (6.1) isn't tall. Unless you live in Japan where the average height is 171 cm (5.7).
2/4 c1 Alex Rueda Segura
OHHHH YES I love it thank you
1/22 c6 E.A.W.A.F
I hate to be the stand in for Gilgamesh here but never in a million years will the "faker" equal to or surpass the "original" in this case. Man I am SOOO disappointed. I saw an update to the story and I was sooo happy that I re-read through the whole story just to get to this...

All I can ask for, or plead for is this... please leave up this work for those to read in the future. It's truly well done and the passion and effort put into it can be felt even as an incomplete work. Thank you for writing and posting up to this point. It was an excellent story.
1/22 c1 roblester00
i feel like people forget that Tracing is limited in the Nasuverse because of the presence of Gaia and Alaya. THEY DON'T FUCKING EXIST IN DXD
1/19 c6 Hehehe
“You may consider this story as dead”
*raises pitchfork and torches*
“But don’t worry someone adopted it and I’m helping out on plot guidelines”
*lowers pitchfork and torches*
1/14 c1 juhiko02
Intresting, I hope he is the only servant in this story.
1/13 c1 Dbanksischillin
If its a straight up fight between the three then Great Red in my opinion. However if they were in a world with no humans then I would say Type. Great red is derived from dreams and as such Type moon cant handle the cheating Haxxor Faggotry of Great red. But if they are in a place with nothing that dreams then Type would win from canceling everything red could do after a very long time I believe
1/13 c1 yariel.rivera2019
If I had to say who’s more powerful I would say type-mercury is first, primate murder being second, with great red being third the cosmology in fate is just too massive compared to dxd so I don’t really see great red doing much of anything especially against a beast of humanity, and an ultimate one.
1/13 c2 fyrefly1998
Woah, Ultimate class at the 'very least'? Isn't that hyping up servants a bit too much? Many of the greatest devils who were around for the great war would have fought the original heroes that later became heroic spirits, and while some of them are stronger as servants than they were in life others are weaker because of the limits of the class container. Anyway, I think saying that Archer is stronger than Ultimate class at the 'very least' is majorly pushing it. Perhaps, if he pushes himself to his absolute limits he could match them. With a limitless supply of mana, maybe indefinitely. I just hope one side of the crossover isn't hyped excessively at the expense of the other, I guess.
1/12 c6 Mythic Imagination
It is sad to hear you’ve lost your spark for writing, but can not blame you for it. After all it’s hardly fair to ask you to continue writing such a fantastic story when you find no joy in it.

Having said that I am great full for what you have written and wish you the very best and joy in your future. endeavours.
1/12 c6 KlTK4T
Omg NimTheWriter is gonna inherit it, epik story adapted by epik author Big W
1/11 c1 LuluViBritania
the First Gremory is a women
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