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3/4/2018 c5 4Mythfan
Isn't dxd a possible Beast manifestation ground?
3/4/2018 c5 bloody sleeping dragon
Great story can not wait for more thank you
3/4/2018 c5 Guest
Holy shit he updated!
Keep up the good work!
3/4/2018 c5 hugp1x
Everyone feels a bit too verbose. Like a Shakespearean play, not realistic and too dramatic. Archer is obviously the biggest culprit, but I noticed it a few other times as well. Less is definitely more in this case.
3/4/2018 c5 CoG.EMIYA
Archer does not hate his ideals when he's still alive. What broke him is his actions after he became a Counter Guardian. About his abilities, I suggest to consider his known projections and way of fighting. Some stories I read forget that he's a tactical fighter and tends to go to unnecessary long fights. Specially Rule Breaker.

I have question, if a sacred gear user were stabbed by rule breaker, could it force the sacred gear to search for its next wielder or will the sacred gear went to his reality marble?

Thanks for the story, and I will be looking forward to your next update.
3/4/2018 c5 Greyjedi449t
Looking forward to the next chapter
3/4/2018 c5 Squadpunk 2.0
Might be called the shroud of Martin... And dream cycle seems to work.
3/4/2018 c5 AmethystPone
I personally am unsure of what the name is...But it is given to him during his brief sting with the Church Burial Squads...
I think type-moon wiki mentioned something about that...
People may detest Wiki in general...But the thing is, it has its sources attached and the general information tend to be correct...It only stray when the more obscure info is present...
3/4/2018 c5 1TheTinQuill
His mantle is a conceptual weapon that has the effect of blocking out the external environment. The holy shroud it is made from is unconfirmed, but speculated to be the shroud of martin due to their effects being similar to each other. Also, I wouldn't worry too much about the talk about Archer's past, because while I do find it to be a little soon, your reasoning for having it at this point is sound and the scenes were well done.
3/4/2018 c5 11ENDDRAGON369
I know for a fact that it's made from two shrouds but other than that nothing.
3/4/2018 c5 PasiveNox
great its been a long time ahhh
3/4/2018 c5 2Anonymous1684
I believe that it's called the shroud of Martin and if I remember correctly from heavens feel, it can contain magical power and possibly grants some level of magic resistance
3/4/2018 c5 lightningrook106
Woo hoo! An update crawls around. Great chapter, loving the character interactions. Now to wait another year for the next chapter.
3/4/2018 c5 The Unknown GPX
I like it the dream sequence took a bit for me to understand what it meant but I got it easily enough though the talk afterword was a bit awkward and forced to me. As for the shroud Archer wears it is the Shroud of Martin given to him by either Ciel or Caren and it works by rejecting external forces such as rain, heat and cold from affecting him unless it is heavy rain, heat and snow or a powerful magecraft
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