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6/21/2015 c2 Guest
Very interested in finding out what the mysterious object/person is helping support servants. As to who is most retarded, i'd have to say goku due to how old he is and how his logic baffles some people as old like frieza. It's entertaining as hell.

As to what crossover would be interesting to see, I'd have to say the monster musume . Reason being is that if you can get past the Clock tower/Atlas/Church situation it would be something similar to a slice of life fic. So many people like to see Shirou just shoved into situations that demonstrate his general badassery and I myself don't mind seeing that. But I rarely see any stories that have Shirou just having a break from the battlefield that is his life and just enjoying the little things that many take for granted. It would be interesting to see the interactions between the cast of Daily Life and Shirou, especially when they learn (eventually because it's inevitable) how messed up Shirou is.

Essentially it would be something of a character driven story, with some action (because shirou's luck in general seems to dictate that if he is not actively looking for danger, it will certainly find him), but a general focus on interactions.

As for the other two, I cant really give a true desire as to what to focus on since I lack any actual info on both, but they do seem interesting from my skimming of them in general, so really any of them will be intriguing to read, I just have a preference to Monster Musume.

Now, I know it's over already, but I'd like to express my own views on the strongest being topic.

In terms of being the weakest, that goes to Primate murder, although rather than weakness its more like specialization. Specifically that it is an existence whose purpose is to eliminate humans. It does not matter if it is super-human or hybrid-human or demi-human, it will always have the advantage. So long as the human aspect is there, it has the ability to judge and kill you. That does not mean it is weak to beings that are not human though, as it requires 7 counter guardians (each individually considered a natural disaster) to restrain it alone. It is just suited to kill a certain species.

Now, as to Type-Mercury and Great Red it's a bit more complicated.

Going with TM, its basic combat abilities give it the same suitability to kill humans in the same manner as PM. That means that what PM was specifically made to do, ORT can do without trying. Now an earlier reviewer pointed out that angel notes gives us a general idea as to the strength of a type and that they can be "killed". What wasn't mentioned were the extreme circumstances that occurred for it to happen and how disastrous each one was. It took the remaining Six sisters to defeat Type Pluto alone, and this is a group of A-Ray's that surpassed the rest in ability alone and that's not counting that they all knew true magic as well. And they all died Fighting Type Pluto anyway.

Ado Edem OHKO'd two types, but it required the ENTIRE PLANET to lose significant mass both times due to his insane knight arm (Slash Emperor) Which seems to actually surpass Ea to some degree in terms of destruction.

And finally, Type Venus' "death" at the hands of Gun God. Hit with the Black Barrel, something which imposes the concept of mortal on something immortal, It STILL SURVIVED. A gun made to specifically kill gods failed to kill a type. Even if Type Venus was weakened because of it, that's just scary.

Moving on to Great Red. From what I understand, He has insane power, but is not completely immune to damage. It seems rather than invincibility its just that nothing has the power to really harm him, but that does not take into account things specifically made to fuck dragons up, like Samuel's poison and so on.

Types need to have concepts imposed on them to begin to even damage them, and even then it doesn't always work.

TL;DR Excited for next chapter, Goku is THE super retard, Most interested in Monster Musume Fate crossover, And the hardest to kill would be ORT.
6/21/2015 c2 ICanSeeTheFuture
Dude. Goku thought marriage was a food. That should take top place.
He doesn't even know how Gohan was made if we're going by TFS fandom. I will give you that sometimes he seems to bend the laws of reality around him... (Muffin button)

Great story, the whole scene with the food was very amusing. Can't wait to see some asskicking! I like a Highschool DxD fic is less on the fanservice side and more on the kick ass side.

Archer is my fave so I would vote the crossover with Akame Ga Kiru.
6/21/2015 c2 idea.getthe
... This fake grail war has to be done by zelretch... I mean who else has the power to sent people to other dimension and with a humor sense that was so bad the world was afraid of the things he might do...

The most retarded? The obvious answer is caboose...
Goku and Nappa are just normally people that are unaware of technology and other gender due to their lifestyle.
Luffy are a good captain. While some of his choice are based on instinct, his ability to learn to fight is what makes him a genius.
Mako is not stupid. She's a philosopher. That's a genius in their own right. You Cannot call albert einstein stupid just because he fail history test.
Kenshin and Ichika are not stupid. They are just oblivious... Painty so especially towards the girl feeling...
Suzaku? I don't know why he is in the list... There is no indication he is bad in study... I mean he even learn to repair Lancelot. If you want to put someone of his caliber, you might want to think of sagara sousuke from full metal panic.
Ikari are just a boy with teenager problem.

Now,,. Caboose...
Highest friendly fire and kill in red vs blue.
Childish, unaware of any danger, stupid, but lovable(got to say, you can't help but love the lovable idiot. Even church agree).
Yep. There is no one more stupid than he is...
6/21/2015 c2 Dp11
I'm glad you updated, but this chapter is okay considering most of it was Archer explaining things to Rias. I hope to see more! The fate Akame story seems most appealing and fate monster musume is the second best.
6/21/2015 c2 Imperial warlord
Awesome chapter.
6/21/2015 c2 Shirosaki Kizuro
I support the first two ideas for new stories. COMPLETELY.
6/21/2015 c2 Akuma-Heika
Archer seems to know a lot about Rias she did not mention. How?

Heroic Spirits can have more than one Noble Phantasm. Saber had 2/3 when she was summoned in War 4. Medusa had 3 if memory serves. Her Pegasus, the blind fold able to contain her eye, and her Sacrifice Field ability was also a NP (your later explanation would cover two of those but not Blood Fort Andromeda). This is discounting EMIYA and Gilgamesh (both versions of him).

If memory serves Arturia could be summoned as anything but Caster and Assassin, but that is just her and there are at least three other versions of her: Lily, Alter, and Proto. Based on the wording used, they each exist in a world (which is understandable since there are an infinite number of worlds).

But since they are both part of the same legend for the same hero, they are technically part of a set, and thus qualify as a single Noble Phantasm.
In canon they are both separate Noble Phantasms though.

I think the other option for King Solomon would be the Ring of Solomon…cheap NP lol. According to legend, it allowed him to summon and contract (read enslaved) devils without limit although he chose quality over quantity…although the most common ones it is said he summoned and commanded are listed in the Lesser Key of Solomon otherwise known as the Ars Goatia or in other words-the Founders of the 72 Pillars in DxD; as I said, cheap especially since it have him indirect control over their armies made of many legions so the total number was in the hundred thousands or millions. I would have to count the legions and multiply by 5200 I believe.

Are those the canon stats or are they beefed up because of Rias’s power and the conditions of his summoning?

Mana is the amount of 45 men.

Didn’t the ritual incantation had her call on Zeltrech by his middle name?

No clue about the poll since I do not watch abridge parodies. Depression makes it difficult to care.

I would be most interested in the FSN x AgK xover with the Monster Girl being second.

Great chapter! Keep up the excellent work!
6/21/2015 c1 5exillion
wow... a 40 year old man going to sleep in a bed with a 16 year old.

Good job writing that up you phedophile piece of shit.
6/21/2015 c2 cloudedend
Damn this story is great. I honestly can't get enough of archer and shirou in anything. As for your story ideas anyone of them would be awesome. As for which one to do in order? I'd say either akame or monster no etc. great stuff.
6/21/2015 c2 5Orchamus
Rather big info dump, but still some nice interaction. Just hope to see more out sooner than last time, as some answers to the possible War wold be interesting, as well as an signs of developing romance between EMIYA and Rias. And why do I get the feeling Riser will have a Servant, Medea or Medusa likely, and if Medusa Akeno would make a good new Master, with Rulebreaker.
6/21/2015 c2 Guest
The harem must be fed.
That is all.
6/21/2015 c2 blarg7865
The Fate and Monster Musume crossover wouldn't end well. Many of these races visiting Japan would be kidnapped by ClockTower Agents and experimented on.

About the types, the Type Mercery seems to be among the weakest. Here's a link to the list of Types.

6/21/2015 c2 1TheAbyssWatcher
I have a theory regarding who's the strongest between Great Red and ORT. Great Red is powerful because he embodies 'dream,' but he embodies only dreams of beings who have ties to the rule of earth. Thus, his power, although powerful could only affect things of earth. ORT, Type Mercury, is not a being of earth. It embodies the will of planet Mercury and thus, he can't be affected by Great Red's power. ORT also has the power to rewrite the reality around it through his movement (Crystal Valley). Furthermore, ORT can't die according to earth's concept of death, so something like Mystic Eyes of Death Perception is useless against it. To kill it, one must obliterate its body completely using absurd amount of power or using powerful conceptual weapons that could rewrite its immortality. If the two were to fight, Great Red could obliterate ORT using a supercharged Dragon's Breath, but if the battlefield is on Earth, ORT who is an alien unable to be affected by concepts belong to Earth is practically unbeatable.
6/21/2015 c2 Guest
Nice chapter!

To answer your question I would say ichika from infinite ment normally I would say goku from dragon ball z abridged but ichika has a harem and doesn't have a clue so he's more dumber

To answer your second question I say fate and monster Musume crossover! I have to agree why on earth no one has even tried though I'm sure someone would say the clock tower or the church would stand against this or something but I say go for it! But please don't forget to bring sakura if you do decide to do it!
6/21/2015 c2 3JunWu
The ending is amusing hahahaha
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