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11/6/2014 c1 Jesus man
Awesome moooorrrreeeee
11/6/2014 c1 Sage of Oblivion
GR is more powerful than PM or TM as he is muvh stronger than Gods both PM and TM are above gods in strenght but only a bit above the gods.
11/5/2014 c1 19BrutalAftershock
Honestly, I've been struggling for the past two weeks to find an engaging fic and finally, finally give found what I've been looking for to occupy my free time. As I read this I was quite intrigued as to the connection between Archer and the ORC, specifically Rias but them too, was going to be. I'm wondering what kind of difficulties will arise since really, he's not part of the peerage and how boosted gear would come into this.

However I did wonder whether irony would come into play later, as perhaps Sona has indeed summoned a servant of her own. Anyways I'm just rambling now but seriously I like how this looks right now and I think it could shape up quite nicely. I like to write myself so I like to discuss and trade ideas with other authors so perhaps if you'd like I could share some insight and make some suggestions. Good luck with the writing.
11/3/2014 c1 Isacrock
Awesome story! Just please no other Fate Stay Night characters.
11/3/2014 c1 Tamm
Give Sona Lancer from Fate stay night! That would be cool togther
11/3/2014 c1 Irishmac
Just discovered this story and have to say am very impressed. Definitely a high grade story.

Am hoping it won't be one of those stories where the grail war mysteriously appears in the new world and even more hope there won't be any other FSN characters.
11/2/2014 c1 NeoBushido
Story - OK for a first chapter of this type of story it could have been better laid out and less rushed
Writing is average to better then average
Overall 7.5/10
F&F ing it
11/2/2014 c1 RoyalTwinFangs
It begins. Another good story that is.
11/1/2014 c1 askasknot
More more this is good :D
10/31/2014 c1 runner.elcips
The chapter you have done here is very good. I can see steps that it might be leading to a grail war, but really do hope that something like that doesn't happen. There are far too many stories that share a similar plot and all of them are bad. It's just doesn't really feel that interesting if the grail war is done in another universe besides FSN. At most cases it even looks so ridiculous that just want to cry from how bad it is. It might be just my own personal opinion but just really want to express it. You have a very good story going on here and want to see it continue as it is now. No other heroic spirits and no FSN grail war. Don't want to see this story get ruined.
10/31/2014 c1 captor2000
A crossover story that summons a heroic spirit in another universe is hard to write unless you want it to be halfassed. Since it requires something simular to a "holy grail system" to summon the spirit. The fact that Rias gained command spells beforehand must mean that there is "something like a holy grail system" out there that selected her as a candidate master. So you better don't leave out the "why" and "how" archer got summoned as a possible plot point in your future chapters.

As for the writing itself, i couldn't find any glaring spelling errors so it's definitely good enough to ask for seconds. Although i do think the spacing here was a little fast, they were a bit to familiar (especially Rias at the ending) with archer. To clarify on one side we have a heroic spirit worth between many ten thousands to hundred of thousands of souls, while on the other hand we our modern highschool devil club. You would think they would feel terrified/overwhelmed infront of him. Or at least sence that he is something far beyond them. And now for the kicker, would you let someone like that to sleep in your bed on first day? As handsome Archer might be the answer is no.

On a sidenote i do hope you don't forget servants don't actually need food/sleep and can dematerialize themself right?

Great Red vs PM/TMercury
First of all anyone who says/said A/B beats C/D flatout, because of reasons that are based on fanwanking plz first do some research before you make a fool of yourself.
On on side we have F/SN that's made out of complex rules and concepts, on the other side we have dxd that clearly have very little rules/concepts. That alone makes any claim on "who wins" invalid. Logically you would think that anything "restricted" from F/SN would become "unrestricted" in dxd. Or to say it with another word it would become stronger, but even that would be fanwanking to a degree.

In F/SN gods are practically reality warpers when it comes to humanity, they can shape/bend/mold them like they wish. The viewpoint what i have from gods in dxd are guys that have longevity but aren't immortal like in F/SN, they can dish out "nuclear explosion" with a snap of their fingers and apparently love modern technology and go to a hookers bar. See the difference?

Great red for all the power he is worth has a clear hard weakness against dragon slaying weapons and beings like Samael. Something that ophis clearly has demostrated. Heck word of god even said Samael isn't even strong and the result came solingly from a "type advantage". How can a being with a clear glaring conceptual weakness as that match an opponent with no conceptual weakness? ( like types)

For the sake of comparing i would relate Great red to the "true devil in the bible" together with 666 beast which would relate to F/SN prototype 666 beast and Angra Mainyu in F/SN. Rather than comparing power levels i would atleast say that Angra Mainyu, prototype 666 beast, PM, Arc 100%, etc. would be in same ranking as Great red and Ophis would be. But ultimate ones are "believed" to be higher as they are "conceptless" and dragons not (see weakness).
10/31/2014 c1 Suqu124
definitely a fave story for me and really enjoy the setup, dialogue, and characters that you presented. can't wait to read what else you will come up with next chapter
10/31/2014 c1 aliestrikehero
I'd say Squiddy is the strongest, for the simple fact that all Types are run on broken hax, and it takes equally broken counter hax to contend with one.
10/31/2014 c1 lazyguy90
Nice work on this.

Keep at it.
10/31/2014 c1 1JinzoMask656
It would probably be great red. The reason being is because he represents the dreams of all sentient beings. And its stated that he surpasses gods and maous. Mercury and Primate Murder are on the tier of gods i believe. Each capable of ending humanity however it is stated that Alayas 6 counter guardians/beasts are capable of holding them back albeit separately. In DxD the only one to be able to kill Red is the apocalyptic beast 666. Anyways great chapter hope to read more soon
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