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10/9 c10 Pointer3109
Enjoyed the PSA as much as the story.
7/15 c17 121Kimberly T
I'd love to see a followup to this one, at the one-year, three-year, seven-year and ten-year marks! I think Hermione, the Twins and a select few other Gryffindors would be the only ones to survive the whole vengeance run unscathed.
7/15 c8 Kimberly T
7/15 c7 Kimberly T
Now I'm curious about Harry's conditions for the proposed truce. I'd hope that he'd require Voldemort to swear to not harm any muggleborns or permit his followers to harm them, and to allow Harry (and Hermione and Remus, most likely) to set up a much smaller school exclusively for muggleborn and muggle-raised students that would teach them magical self-control and some household charms-but not much else, focusing instead on GSCE's. The blood purists would be assured that the muggleborns, kept separate and ill-educated by their standards, would not interfere with their oh-so-traditional society... and the muggleborns, after learning how dismal their prospects would have been even if they'd graduated Hogwarts at the top of their class, would appreciate being able to keep up with their muggle education requirements and reintegrate into the world they'd been born in.
7/15 c6 Kimberly T
Headcanon Accepted!
7/15 c5 Kimberly T
THANK YOU for writing this! I really enjoyed that story and lament that it's probably never going to be continued.
7/15 c4 Kimberly T
I was grinning by the end!
7/15 c3 Kimberly T
...Y'know, this could really be canon... I always did think it a bit odd that, as famous as he was, Harry didn't have more girls asking him out on dates other than for the Yule Ball.
7/15 c13 Kimberly T
...Oh my GAWD, this could totally fit in with canon! It even helps to explain why Remus just took Dumbledore at his word about Harry being brought up in a loving family, and didn't try too hard to see the boy himself! Because how would you tell a child that you'd been telling the public blatant lies about him for years, and then drinking away some of the profits in order to keep writing? Even after making sure that Harry's vault benefits heavily from each sale, in Remus's shoes I'd be too ashamed to look the kid in the eyes.
7/15 c16 Kimberly T
Nicely done!
5/25/2020 c13 9marsolino
This is actually fairly plausible
5/25/2020 c7 marsolino
This has a similar premise to many other stories I’ve read but I’d still like to see where you would go with this
8/11/2019 c3 Guest
I can totally see this as deliberate action on Granger's part. After all, she was the one who conspired with the creepy fangirl to get her Harry.
10/14/2017 c14 2obliviated fan
I would definitely love for this one to be continued. :)
6/2/2017 c19 5drag0nsoldier
:) Just Perfect. My only question would be why Albus Dumbledore would be using the catchphrase? It doesn't seem his style.
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