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5/8/2021 c6 14khazrn43
I never listen to the music. Finally listen to We Both Know. I love Gavin Degraw and Colbie. It was well worth the listen. Love ya Charlotte. Keep safe and hugs to you and your family
8/21/2018 c11 Bev beltz
Hi Charlotte .i just finished rereading your finchel fic when I'm with you .i loved it as well .i am going to reread the other two of your fics .you are an exceptional writer . I can't wait till your new finchel fic starts hugs . Bev Beltz .
2/6/2017 c13 Bev beltz
Fantastic fanfic .i loved how you said that Olivia had a crush on Cory monteith . That was cute .
9/3/2016 c13 Guest
Loved this happy ending to a finchel story !
Thank you !
2/9/2015 c13 khazrn43
Bravo. Beautiful ending
2/9/2015 c11 khazrn43
This has been one of the happiest stories I've read. Fantastic writing as always
2/9/2015 c10 khazrn43
It was lovely. But shouldn't it be Dr. & Mrs. Hudson
2/9/2015 c8 khazrn43
This was the best chapter ever! I've been laughing so hard I'm crying. I love the way you write Puck. His and Rachel's banter is fabulous. I kind of want to read slower to make it last longer. Awesome as always.
2/9/2015 c4 khazrn43
So glad you only made me wait til chapter four. Thanks for not exploring the Steven relationship. Too much angst can sometimes ruin a story. This is beautiful in its simplicity. I'm guessing everything in not going to be smooth but Finchel will prevail
1/21/2015 c13 noro
amazing ending to a wonderful story loved it finchel always
1/15/2015 c13 playtime2507
I really loved this story, so different from the usual Finchel fic AU story line with the family background for Finn and Rachel. And I just love Daddy Finn in any universe! Thank you for sharing this with us and I hope you have a new Finchel story soon!
1/15/2015 c13 27FinchelFan728
I'm so sad this is over :(
1/14/2015 c13 Amypilierfan123
aww man what an fantastic ending to a fantastic story! i'm am so sad to see this end :( i cant wait to read your next story
1/14/2015 c13 FunnyGirl23
Perfect ending for a perfect story! Can't wait to read your next one! :)
1/13/2015 c13 Kedzie3238
What à wonderful ending. I just love this story so much. Thank you again. I hope you will be wrt more in the future. Or would be à shame if you didn't. Have to keep finchel going.
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