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for Darkness II: Richter's Women

1/6/2015 c6 76snooky-9093
Well, horror/ supernatural is normally not my cup of tea, but this was extremely well-done and very creepy. I liked Carter's nod to the spirit playing with the radio, and the acknowledgement of Hogan's hair color. No doubt that what he experienced would turn any man's hair white.
1/6/2015 c4 snooky-9093
Great work in this chapter. Tense. Top notch imagery and narrative.
1/1/2015 c5 35ColHogan
Can't wait to read more and see if these women have been killed by Richter and they came for himAnd also see how Hogan fits into all this and will he survive.
1/1/2015 c6 ColHogan
I'm a bit confused by part of this chapter. Was Hogan having a dream in the end? And what brought on the gray in his hair that hadn't been there before he left as it stunned his men when they saw it? I'm guessing the woman who 'visited' Hogan in his quarters was somebody he tried to save someplace either from Richter or during some sabotage mission and failed. An I also assume her words that she and Hogan would meet again someday was her indication that they would meet again when the proper time comes. But until then, she would try to lessen the pain of his nightmares from the fighting evil that he faces constantly. Great story. I wouldn't be surprised if there is a PBA in your future. Great story as only you can write.
1/1/2015 c4 ColHogan
I feel more strongly that some 'force' guided both Hogan and Richter to the chapel for the final showdown so to speak. Obviously there are other forces at work here who seem to be helping Hogan for some reason. Creepy.
1/1/2015 c3 ColHogan
Uh oh. Hogan, methinks you are in a tad bit of trouble at the moment. I hope he can find some way to get away from Richter whom I do not like at all. Yet somehow, I sense Hogan and Richter are not the only ones in that graveyard. Question. This is a Halloween story isn't it?
10/30/2014 c2 76snooky-9093
Well, that just about put a damper on my afternoon. (The real crime note). Shucks. Anyway, great story for Halloween. This is so creepy, yet I can't wait for the next chapter. Will Hogan get away? Will he or someone or something kill Richter? (for some reason I almost typed Lechter. Oops). Will Hogan use his rapier wit to get out of this situation? Is he still dreaming? Lots of questions. It takes a lot of skill to pull off a good horror story, without going too far. And yes, Missy is nice. And she's not prompting me to say that. Lol.
10/30/2014 c2 35ColHogan
Creepy chapter. I know what's it's like to bury someone alive. And unfortunately, I did it to Hogan as well in one of my earlier stories. It's a difficult thing to write, but I like the way you wrote it while keeping a bit of Hogan's sense of humor when talking to Richter. Here's hoping Hogan makes it out of this alive somehow, and that Richter gets what's coming to him so that Hochstetter will never know that he was right about Hogan.
10/29/2014 c1 66Sgt. Moffitt
Wow, a super-creepy story for Halloween! Hogan's all-too-vivid dream dissolves into even more horror: the absolute worst fate I can imagine, and yet our hero doesn't freak out. After his initial shock, he comes up with a plan and carries it out. Hopefully it will succeed...

I'm a little curious about the mention of the ghost from "Darkness" in your final note. Was she the grisly apparition in Hogan's dream who told him to wake up, thus saving his life?
10/29/2014 c1 13Missy the Least
And you are doing this in stages? GAAHHH! How can you? I mean, pity the rest of our friends (I at least know how it goes). You are evil, li'l brother - pure evil.

*sigh* just update quick, will you?
10/29/2014 c1 Susan M. M
So glad you're back (not that I've been posting much myself lately). Curious to see where you go with this.
10/29/2014 c1 35ColHogan
Welcome back. Long time, no read to coin a phrase. I really like this beginning although I am a bit confused. Was Hogan captured and buried alive by his captors? Or are his captors aliens who buried him alive as part of some kind of experiment? Can't wait to see where you take this.

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