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for Remnant's Maelstrom Shinobi

11/3 c2 7uflesh940
Its too... crackish? Yeah, the serious scenes are too blended with random interjections of attempted humor.
10/30 c13 Guest
I know neos good but...naruto has frequent fights with someone that could predict his every move! How is he getting hit by neos or any others attacks?

The way huntsmen fight isnt really all that different from the elemental nations in fact its a bit more real and kinda less flashy actually sine they cant do jutsu and cant fight in any kind of surface
10/29 c8 Guest
Dude what are you talkin about? Remnant only has like 5 or so small kingdoms

Polygamy is gonna be practiced a lot more thanya think for the strong hunters and huntresses to make more strong hunters

Like the weis’ hereditary semblance, im sure the government makes it easier for hunters and huntresses to have more freedom to bone and make plenty of children

Im sure that they already mastered how to make lots of food in a short amount of time since their soldiers probably eat more than small elephants

I know it sounds like dreeding but its all about survival bro although i wish they just made dust nukes or something lol or maybe nuke a certain someone im sure even if shes immortal if theres nothing else to heal and to be stuck under tons of dirt while immortal would be sung a pain
10/29 c2 Guest
Ey my guess on his weapon was right! Its a mecha-shift staff!
10/29 c1 Guest
I wanna ship pyrrha and narutoo soo baaadd i wanna ignore the rubyxnaruto pairing on the summaryyyy

harem is good too since dudes got chakra,aura,kurama and his stamina granted by his uzumaki bloodline is gonna make him a BEAST with his stamina in bed

I fear for his partners well being! Guy needs some partners to spread the love! Also he’d have a big family!

Also a staff that could shift into a spear or halberd and maybe a shotgun or anti material sniper is probably good for naruto (i know its a done story but i wanna guess!) plus i think a staff or polearm would fit naruto well with his unpredictability cuz the staff form is super flexible in its flow of attacks and martial arts

Or maybe he would have katars that retract for his hand signs?
10/20 c39 79YeagerMeister31
Well, that was interesting not a good ending though Naruto is effectively a prisoner to those 2 weaklings I hope he did what he did with that Grimm on those 2 weaklings and drains them dry.
10/20 c38 YeagerMeister31
As much as I wanted to see Naruto slaughter Cinder, Mercury, Neo and Emerald I agree it would be a waste even if they deserve it, still I do hope he kills them all, and now Naruto and Kurama are against robots, weaklings as they may be.
10/20 c37 YeagerMeister31
Well, that was interesting so now Naruto and Cinder have chosen there sides well Cinder already had, and Pyrrha's facing Penny, I'm not upto the fight just yet though but that's OK.
10/20 c36 YeagerMeister31
So things are progressing nicely, and Pyrrha's gonna become the new maiden without possibly losing herself, I wonder what happens next of course I know what happens in Yang's fight.
10/19 c35 YeagerMeister31
Well, that was interesting, a nice fight although oc's playing major parts in stories is something I don't really like it does add drama, I wonder if it was Salem that Cinder was talking to if it was she's just as pathetic as Cinder, if she thinks Naruto will be beaten by her, such a fool she is.
10/15 c34 YeagerMeister31
Well, that was kinda short, this Team Jest, do seem to be quite arrogant though, like mostly everyone else they have no idea who Naruto is, that will be there downfall, still, I am curious to see the fight.
10/14 c33 YeagerMeister31
Well that was a cakewalk they never stood a chance as for those Oc's well there nothing special, regardless of how good they'll be against Naruto's team there nothing, still I am curious to see what happens and will Cinder once again mix up the matches.
10/13 c32 YeagerMeister31
Well, that was interesting Naruto and his team kicked ass, the omake well I ignored it, and Kushina thinking that pathetic Hyuga was worthy of her son is BS, are u forgetting what Kushina told her son when they met not one thing she said comes close to that joke, Keep Naruto in line BS she's a timid joke, and would let Naruto do whatever he wants. Fighting by his side, she doesn't like fighting so that's out of the window, the only thing she has going for her is that she loves Naruto.

Honestly nobody in Konoha deserves Naruto if I;m being honest. Pervy Sage going for Blake well that's understandable for Hiruzen I doubt it, are u also hinting that the Schnee are descendants of the Uchiha, although there arrogance, and superiority complex makes sense.
10/11 c31 YeagerMeister31
Another amusing chapter, and now the kick ass fight against Grimm are coming, just to mention what u said last chapter's A/N There was also a possibility u were playing mind games so I won't say anything.
10/11 c30 YeagerMeister31
Well, that was a nice chapter, I'm glad Naruto/Pyrrha got together I hop it stays that way, no offence to Blake but I prefer Pyrrha, so I hope it doesn't change but that ominous answer says it will which sux for me. There is no way Naruto would cheat on Pyrrha, so either she dies or brakes up with him, for some reason.
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