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3/11 c12 EVIL-SAGE
that omake was simply amazing, I knew erosennin was good for something.
2/14 c1 Ethan Rhodes
am confuse... did naruto replace jaune? 0.o
1/29 c8 Guest
Filler isn't filler if it's character development, I say.
1/4 c11 Vanadis runtah
Dude at the start, you absolutely roasted the flamers.
1/4 c8 6Spedyalarm
I am not gay.
I am not riding Naruto's Dick.
No way in hell.
That is all I have to say for now.
1/4 c7 Spedyalarm
a cent is 10x more valuable then lien.
Essentially it's like this 1000 lien 100 dollars. Or 1 cent 10 lien.
1/4 c6 Spedyalarm
I agree with the A/N.
Equal Rights, Equal Fights.
1/3 c5 Spedyalarm
I also hate the bullying scene.
I despise it with passion, and anytime I see it happening in a fanfiction, and then see Cardin get his ass whooped I like the writer and the one who did the whooping a little bit more.
And if someone doesn't take that opportunity to kick cardin's ass, then I am honestly disapointed.
1/3 c1 Spedyalarm
damn. Wish I could've recomended a Naruto weapon.
1/1 c18 1Diametrik
I was enjoying this, but I can't handle reading you ruining Naruto's character by making him fraternise with such an ends-justify-the-means character. That's literally the antithesis of what he stands for.
1/1 c12 Diametrik
I really don't get your characterisation of Naruto in regards to cooperating with Cinder. Even if she has some kind of noble goal, Naruto's whole thing is defeating and then redeeming tragic/well-meaning villains. He definitely would not go along with Cinder's plan, nor would he just sit back and let it happen.
1/1 c11 Diametrik
["I never outright lied to you. I never told the full truth, but I never said I was a Faunus, you all just assumed that, because of how I look when I use Kurama's chakra."]

Naruto’s straight-up gaslighting them here. Yes, sometimes he was tricky with his wording so that he wasn't outright lying, merely lying by omission, but several times he did just lie without being tricky.

Never mind the other various lies, here are just the times he’s said he is a faunus:
In chapter 5:
[my mom was a Faunus and my dad was a human.]
[Naruto had gone ahead and told his team about his being a "Faunus"]

In chapter 6 he decides to put weird emphasis on the word faunus to leave hints that he’s lying, but that doesn’t change the fact that he’s lying:
["Yeah I was the only one. My mom was also a...'Faunus' but because of some issues during my birth I lost both her and my dad."]

And this is just the on-screen times, too. We don't know what he said in conversations off-screen.
1/1 c10 Diametrik
I'm confused. They have a solid lead on the source of what's attracting the grimm, and yet they just sit around going "I don't know what's going on!"
1/1 c5 Diametrik
So Blake lied about her interpretation of Naruto's expression and prevented him from having the support of his friends, all so she could interrogate him while he was feeling emotional? The exact thing she said as an excuse to prevent others from looking for him? That's pretty callous and unkind.

And I guess you retconned Weiss being a racist because it's not very palatable?
1/1 c3 Diametrik
"it's probably gonna be a single pairing. With who? I don't know yet."

Considering he practically had a love-at-first-sight thing with Pyrrha and that interaction has only continued to grow, it would be very strange if that pairing is dismissed.
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