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5/13 c39 MZ1116
Looking forwards to book 2
5/9 c3 Obama
Jesus christ why is he 6.5 ? Do you know how bug that is? Have some restraint he doesn't need to Shaq.
4/27 c19 4Hadrian von Eveschatten
Naruto strikes again! Only this time he confers the power of the Talk no Jutsu to Blake and Weiss instead, hehe.

Next time Naruto sees Torchwick, he should give the ginger lowlife no time to react and immediately murders him.

After 17 glorious chapters, why did you have to listen to that reviewer's terrible suggestion and bring Jaune into the story? The story had a nice smell, or rather, the smell of lack of incompetence. But now that blissful period is over.
3/27 c3 1Pixelitus
Naruto Uzumaki was born on October 10th. In part of the show, he is between 12 and 13 years old, while in part two, he goes from 15 to 17 years old. Regarding height, he is about 146 centimeters (4'9") in part one, and grows to about 166 centimeters (5'6") in part two

Naruto: Sasuke…
Naruto: What’s happening?!
Naruto: Pervy sage?!
Jiraiya: Hey there! As usual, your wounds seem to be healing quickly.
Naruto: Huh? Oh… Yeah.
Jiraiya: It seems Sasuke was a hopeless case.
~Mini Timeskip~
Naruto: Training?
Jiraiya: That’s right! You are now officially my apprentice. Within three years, I’ll make you a full fledged ninja.
Naruto: *gasp*
Naruto: Then I can go after Sasuke again!
Jiraiya: But listen.
Jiraiya: Forget about Sasuke. He’s gone.
Jiraiya: Sasuke went to Orochimaru of his own free will.
Jiraiya: No matter what you do, it will not change.
Naruto: But Sasuke is-
Jiraiya: Trust me, you should just forget about bring him back. It’s the tragic path of self-righteous fools.
Naruto, He may mean nothing to you Pervy Sage, but…Sasuke is my friend!
Jiraiya: Can you honestly call him a friend?!
Jiraiya: Just look at what he’s done to you.
Naruto: It’s…
Jiraiya: He was destined to leave sooner or later, don’t blame yourself.
Jiraiya: Dismiss it from your mind and move on.
Jiraiya: To be a ninja, you need more than strength and jutsu, you must acquire the judgement to make the right decisions.
Jiraiya: If you want to become a ninja, you must become smarter.
Jiraiya: This world is no place for a fool, that’s the reality.
Naruto:…I understand.
Naruto: If being smarter is what you say it does, I’ll remain a fool my entire life.
Jiraiya: *gasp*
Naruto: I’ll create some incredible jutsu, and I’ll rescue Sasuke no matter what!
Jiraiya: If you try this on your own, the only jutsu you’ll come up with is some terribly smutty thing no doubt.
Jiraiya; But.
Jiraiya: This is so colossally foolish, that it might even work!
Jiraiya: We have a lot of work to when you get out, be ready, you incredible fool you.
Jiraiya: Alright then!
Naruto: Okay!
Iruka; So today is the day, huh?
Naruto: Yup!
Iruka: It sounds like you’ll be away for some time.
Naruto: Mhm.
Jiraiya: Naruto! Let’s go!
Naruto. Hm? Right on!
Naruto: See ya! I’m off Iruka-Sensei!
Naruto: I’ll pay you for the noodles when I’m rich and famous!
Iruka: *Sigh*… Naruto, got get em’.

You say that Naruto foolishly chased after Sasuke like it’s a bad thing. Naruto is fine with being a fool, and he never gives up on his goals, or on his friends. Naruto also swore to bring back Sasuke to Sakura, Sasuke, and himself, and Naruto never breaks his word, and always fulfills his promises! That’s his nindo! His ninja way!
3/4 c39 1Eldrod
I meant to post the review below me at this chapter. Oh well.
3/4 c38 Eldrod
A bit strange how Cinder was able to keep up with Naruto, but maybe there's something I skipped earlier, so I think I'll re-read this possibly hopefully probably.

However, childish point aside, great story overall. Enjoyed it and would love to read more of your stories, if you're still updating.
2/11 c39 Yagami Kuzuki
U my good sir need need a damn reality check how the fuck can cinder keep up with naruto u really need to check fucking stay with the time and age dipshit
2/9 c39 A4N0NYM0U52
It was a good story. Just pick up from where you left off! I would love to see it play out!
2/8 c8 rosaurocunanan16
2/7 c7 rosaurocunanan16

This is a awsome chap! I really like that Naruto is showing his true skills now.

Also really like how Blake and Naruto are progressing, I really hope this is a harem tho...even tho the harem contains only three woman, Atleast Blake, cinder and Pyrrha are worth it.
2/7 c6 rosaurocunanan16

Cool chap, also awsome fight scene and as to the power scaling? Yea, you have it down pat since no one would really be able to put up a flight in RWBY against kurama cloak Naruto, let alone a SPSM(Six Paths Sage Mode) TSO Naruto.

As for the pairing? I have a feeling it'd either be Pyrrha or it's a harem, personally I would like it to be a harem.
2/7 c5 rosaurocunanan16

Interesting, interestingggggg
2/7 c4 rosaurocunanan16

Hmmmmmmm, inteeeeerrrrrrreeeeessssssstiiiiingggggggggggg
2/7 c3 rosaurocunanan16

2/7 c2 rosaurocunanan16

Really interesting, now I'm really wondering if this is PostWar Naruto or Adult(Nerfed)Naruto...if this is PostWar Naru, then I really am looking forward to how he handles his TSO.

Tho, I also am curious...did you make the grim a being of nature so that the TSO of Naruto wouldn't just outright destroy them? Afterall TSO can destroy anything that doesn't have nature chakra...hmmm.
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