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10/15/2021 c34 79YeagerMeister31
Well, that was kinda short, this Team Jest, do seem to be quite arrogant though, like mostly everyone else they have no idea who Naruto is, that will be there downfall, still, I am curious to see the fight.
10/14/2021 c33 YeagerMeister31
Well that was a cakewalk they never stood a chance as for those Oc's well there nothing special, regardless of how good they'll be against Naruto's team there nothing, still I am curious to see what happens and will Cinder once again mix up the matches.
10/13/2021 c32 YeagerMeister31
Well, that was interesting Naruto and his team kicked ass, the omake well I ignored it, and Kushina thinking that pathetic Hyuga was worthy of her son is BS, are u forgetting what Kushina told her son when they met not one thing she said comes close to that joke, Keep Naruto in line BS she's a timid joke, and would let Naruto do whatever he wants. Fighting by his side, she doesn't like fighting so that's out of the window, the only thing she has going for her is that she loves Naruto.

Honestly nobody in Konoha deserves Naruto if I;m being honest. Pervy Sage going for Blake well that's understandable for Hiruzen I doubt it, are u also hinting that the Schnee are descendants of the Uchiha, although there arrogance, and superiority complex makes sense.
10/11/2021 c31 YeagerMeister31
Another amusing chapter, and now the kick ass fight against Grimm are coming, just to mention what u said last chapter's A/N There was also a possibility u were playing mind games so I won't say anything.
10/11/2021 c30 YeagerMeister31
Well, that was a nice chapter, I'm glad Naruto/Pyrrha got together I hop it stays that way, no offence to Blake but I prefer Pyrrha, so I hope it doesn't change but that ominous answer says it will which sux for me. There is no way Naruto would cheat on Pyrrha, so either she dies or brakes up with him, for some reason.
10/10/2021 c29 YeagerMeister31
Well, that was rather interesting I wonder what mission Naruto was given by Ozpin, I am curious to see if Naruto and Blake did kiss now u can take Blake avoiding Naruto in 2 ways 1 she's embarassed because she kissed him or because he stopped her and she took in the wrong way and now she's avoiding him, Pyrrha, well she left before she saw what happened, I wonder what happens next though.
10/9/2021 c28 YeagerMeister31
Another interesting chapter a nice fight with the Robot (Totally not cool enough to be a Gundam) I have to ask though U mentioned there new looks does Yang not wear shorts or pants because if she does u skipped that part u mentioned her top attire but only mentioned stockings unless that Purple cloth was supposed to be something like lower attire.
10/8/2021 c27 YeagerMeister31
Another interesting chapter Cinder's certainly upto something, I wonder what happens next, and Emerald has no idea who Naruto is and is just thinks he's a joke, more fool her.
10/7/2021 c26 YeagerMeister31
So they found Konoha cool, wonder what happens next.
10/6/2021 c25 YeagerMeister31
Well, another surprising chapter, and we finally find out what happened to Naruto's world in the past, I am curious as to what will happen next.
10/6/2021 c24 YeagerMeister31
Another great chapter, Naruto really needs to realise that Pyrrha likes him, even in the end that Hyuga told Naruto she liked him I can understand Blake being shy on the subject well maybe Pyrrha also, Yang hell no but whatever, I wonder what happens next.
10/4/2021 c23 YeagerMeister31
Another good chapter so it was Jaune they sent he seems like an ass, like Irondick, he doesn't see any major potential in Naruto of course Irondick does now but Jaune, doesn't and Naruto's not gonna show all his skills plus he has Neo running interference still I wonder what happens next.
9/23/2021 c21 YeagerMeister31
So that was funny, things are getting interesting Nora/Ren like NaruNikos pairing, Weiss prefers NaruBlake and Ruby wants NaruYang, I prefer the 1st and third honestly then there's Cinder, things are getting interesting I wonder happens in this next mission for it to go down the drain and become a pain in da ass like usual, wonder who Ironwood will send Winter or one of those Ace-ops members, still with Neo being there it won't be easy for Ironwood to get what he wants, I wonder if Naruto will tell Ozpin the truth. I am kind of surprised Ozpin hasn't asked already even if he tries to get more info from Naruto.
9/22/2021 c20 YeagerMeister31
Another funny chapter, kinda surprised Naruto/Pyrrha lost but it does show that Nora (Fem-Thor) and Ren are improving, still if it was a real fight they would have lost, eventually. Torchdick is planning to kill Naruto oh how dumb can he be, I hope Naruto kills him but alas I doubt he will. The Omake was amusing, NaruNeo is a deadly prank combination, still is Neo as close to Torchdick as canon because she won't be happy if Naruto kills him and there new Prank combination won't last long, I wonder what happens next.
9/21/2021 c19 YeagerMeister31
Another amusing chapter, sux that Torchdick got away Naruto should have ripped his spine out of his back, but oh well.
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