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for The Doctor and the Soldier

9/7 c21 1Mewtwo-TheLoneShadow
Superb, a long time coming and a hell of a ride. Though the possibilities of ME3's ending makes me worried for a happy ending for them. /
8/22 c20 Carolus.Magnus81
Man I love Karin. I did the same thing in my playthrough. Left immediately.

Still one of my favorite Mass Effect stories and favorite pairs.
8/3 c19 2darkerego
Nice slow burn story you've been doing. Looking forward to more.
7/23 c19 1Mewtwo-TheLoneShadow
Good to see this back, and superb chapter.
7/22 c1 3nattysuits
Haven't read anything yet and I can't say I'll stick around for this but I'm happy to have found a fic from this particular POV. It's an interesting exploration to go on and a very courageous project for a writer. :)
7/21 c19 Carolus.Magnus81
I love Karin. She’s my favorite.

Very well written. One of my favorite Mass Effect stories. Glad to see your back. Keep it going.
7/15 c18 6Clueless1229
Thanks for coming back for the update! To be honest I’d forgotten about this fic until I saw the pairing and was like “Oooooh riiiiight!” So i decided to reread the whole thing up to this point. Will be there for the next chapter!
1/22 c17 Xon the Archaic
It is always pleasant to read an update on this story.
I like reading the doctor's interactions with the crew.
Funny how even Liara is telling the doc to go for it with Shepard.
Anyway thanks for the update.
1/22 c17 Sugarskulls112
Thank you for a such great chapter best book i have read on here
1/22 c17 2macroVAC
Huh, totally forgot that this was your story, happy to see it back. Chakwas is an amazing character who gets criminally under served, especially in the third game. That said, she does have a good amount of wit.

The casual interactions between her and the SR-1 old guard serve as a good mirror for us to see her character come out and I like how that works. Extraordinarily smart, pragmatic and duty bound minus the infectious optimism of Tali but with a good amount of knowledge of life to balance that out.

A little more Shepard could do no harm, still trying to understand his mindset. I figure he might have more than just one thing to say about taking out the most influential organism in the galaxy and replacing it with one of his friends. I just think there's a bit of a lack of communication between the two.

Anyway, interesting perspective on the Normandy crew!
1/22 c17 Ronin Kenshin
g00d w0rk
8/11/2019 c16 Dark Celestial Empress
My heart skipped a beat. Thank you.
8/11/2019 c15 Guest
glad to see more updates
8/6/2019 c16 Sugarskulls112
Another great chapter thank you for your work
7/26/2019 c15 Sugarskulls112
Just re read this and it is really great cant wait for a new chapter thank you for your wonderful work
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