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4/29/2020 c3 4orlandorocker1
"I'm Been Waiting For It"
11/13/2015 c2 Maria Arabella
"Manolo, Chakal is now dead and now we are saved!" said Maria "But the other villain is stronger than us. How we will defeat him?" said Manolo "It's alright our proud family is with us and we will fight together!" said Maria "But I don't want you and me to go to the Land of Remembered again." Said Manolo "Maybe Joaquin will defeat him?" said Maria "Maria, Joaquin is weak he use that medal to be strong forever!" said Manolo "Manolo, just trust me I go to Spayne to fight hard. We are Sanchez right. Your mother says that if you are a real Sanchez we will fight together." said Maria "Maria, You will die if you fight that villain and you will stay to Land of Remembered forever!" said Manolo "Your right Manolo, We will go to the Spayne we are safe there." said Maria "Good Idea Maria! every fiestas sunehei seniorita."said Manolo with spanish language
8/23/2015 c2 Guest
I have some casting ideas for the Deity Kids
Tecu and Nana:Mateo Arias and Amanda Seyfried
La Parka:Carly Rae Jaspen
El Guia:Bruno Mars
6/30/2015 c1 Guest
Esmeralda HC
Esmeralda has a fascination with myths and sciency things about dragons and is loosley based on Valka from HttyD and a bit of Hermione Granger from harry Potter.
Unlike Joaquin, who seemed to like violence, she is a peaceful person and hates 'idiot showoffs'.But in battle..she's actually even more violent than joaquin.
Esmeralda is maria's best friend in Spain.
10 years before the sequel, her mother was killed by the monstruos serpent Xibalba had let loose. This may be the cause for her frequent nightmares and struggle to cope with her domineering father and 3 brothers.
Esmeralda's appearance is loosley based on Penelop Cruz and Olivia Hussey.
Esmeralda served as the smart one among the four.
Esmeralda's previous hatred to Xibalba stems back to her concept of thinking he to relase the serpent and kill her mother.
6/30/2015 c2 Guest
I'm actually a little confused about the sequel.
Look,I hear there's a hella lot of deity kids in the upcoming movies,and The Land if the Cursed,ruled by ElCamacho,will be featured. So will the Land of theBlessed(and its prince El Guia)
But then I don't want all of the 8 kids to appear in the SAME movie. That'll be too rush.(maybe Xibalba's three kids and Candlemaker Junior will be fine. But the other four... eh...IDK)
As far as I know,Manolo and co. are going to attend the bullfight world tournament while they're teamed up with the deities to hunt down Xibalba's 1000 year 10 headed serpent and ex prisoner and save the world.
6/29/2015 c1 Guest
Oh,for the crown name's not El catrin,but Kyairo.
I think in TBoL 3(the final installment),it'll be deity kids centered-with Manolo and friends.(there's some characters like La Guerra, La Gaia, Smiling Blanal, .,all these not related to the Royal Family of Souls).
6/29/2015 c2 Guest
I have a bit of changing to the Royal Children of Souls in the 'll be teaming up with Manolo and his 3 best friends.
El Catrin: Xibalba's first born son,and obviously the leader of the group. Think Silver from Sonic franchise,except a darker and more arrogant versio
Sirena:The middle child and the goddess of water,she can draw criminals to the Well of Death.
La Parka:The youngest and the most mischievous. She's a lot like her father and very rebellious. But she's loyal to the bone to her group.
Nanahuatzl and Tecucizecatl:Xibalba's twin nephew and niece,and children of LaNoche and El Camacho. Nanahuatzl is the sun goddess,and Tecu the moon god. Nana is also El Catrin's love interest.
Oh, and we have the Candlemaker's son,CJ,to join them.
6/29/2015 c1 Guest
New characters for Book of Life 2:
Esmeralda:A kick ass princess from Spain,who is also Maria's best friend in Spain. She's also Joaquin's love interest.
El Catrin, Calendula, and La Parka:Xibalba's children who were assigned to team up with Manolo and his 3 best friends.
La Noche: La Muerte's older twin, and the goddess of the night.
El Camacho: La Noche's violent husband and Xibalba's bestest friend.
La Estrella: The Candlemaker's wife and the Overseer of Horoscopes.
Candlemaker Junior:The Candlemaker's only son. He's also La Parka's boyfriend.
6/28/2015 c2 Guest
I have some ideas
Manolo,now married Maria and a baby son named Juan Carlos,iwas invited to attend the Bullfighting World Tournament in Spain to represent Mexico.
Joaquin also went with them and(guess what?)falls in love with Princess Esmeralda of Spain,one of the most beautiful women on Earth.
But then an even badder villian is going to threaten the Latin Empire with the help of the Soviets.
3/7/2015 c2 3RCRC36
great story so far
2/16/2015 c2 2Gojira320
Please do! I want to see the new villain praying to chakal that he will avenge him I'd like to see that. Please!
1/18/2015 c2 Assuming
Yea I'm 9 and I don't care if it's rated T
It was really good so far. Can't wait for more!
11/4/2014 c1 Anonymous
11/3/2014 c2 Guest
Yay! Can't wait for the updates!
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