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for Feathers (Reformatted)

4/28/2017 c1 Dragon's are the best
I like this story so far please continue it
12/3/2016 c8 67MoonPrincess623
Amazing! I love the mini chapters...even if id like better longer chapters, these are just adorable and unique. More when you can please.
10/25/2016 c8 StarlightLove2020
Are you going to make a sequel?
11/28/2015 c8 36Jonn Wolfe
This is very good and has me intrigued. Hope to see more.
11/10/2015 c8 Tirla
I had given up on the previous incarnation of this story. This version is SO much better in that it is easier to read and flows better,for me anyway.
Thank you so much for putting so much effort into your work! Thank you for sharing it too!
6/5/2015 c8 Shay Elle
Uhm, is there gonna be more?
5/13/2015 c8 Guest
love the reformatted version. much easier to read
3/18/2015 c7 Guest
Really hope to see more.

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