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for Baby it's Cold Outside

1/23/2021 c2 PawgLover
damm! man this should have been rated M and had another chapter.
3/21/2017 c2 Sasina
Nice. Love this couple. Very underrated...thanks for this.
6/8/2016 c2 Guest
You are a good writer and the story was great but not the character pairings was off. I can't ever see these two being a romantic pair, not with canon Phoebe anyway, she seems hostile to Chandler and sometimes like she even hate him and no I cannot see him with Rachel either, canon Rachel also has no respect for Chandler but your writing is great.
5/20/2016 c2 45Witty Eagle Proud Ravenclaw
Brilliantly written, and this is coming from a HARDCORE Mondler shipper. Chanoebe feels wrong, but you managed to get round that loophole.
2/26/2016 c2 011011101010
Haha, this was pretty cute. You had a few SPaG errors, some verb tense issues at the start of the first chapter, but other than that this was nicely written. I especially appreciated Chandler's awkward 'Aha!' when Joey teased him about fooling around. It was classic 'caught in the act' Chandler.
I'm not sure I could officially ship C/P (and I'm positive you probably don't on a regular basis), because let's face it, Mondler was definitely the hottest couple of my youth, but I do love when writers press the boundaries of canon and explore different pairings. It's always interesting to see how people make that work.
Thanks for a cute fic!
God bless, Ckorkows
11/5/2014 c2 23findmyway
Oh man, such a perfect piece of writing all around! :D Now, I might be prejudiced(surprise, surprise, with C/P being a ship I hold so dear, haha), but I really really loved it! Especially the make-out session, since I always find that you are way better at writing romantic, spontaneous situations, than I am. But of course that wasn't the only thing I thoroughly enjoyed. I liked: Joey being sleazy to Phoebe on the Phone, Chandler talking about his stepmom Steven, them wanting to sing together, Phoebe's comment about the others always being around and I loved Chandler's insecurity seeping through, before and during their kiss... he's so damn cute XD And him wanting to do his dance. Oh and I also thought it funny, when Joey saw the FBI-shirt on Phoebe, classic Tribbiani-behavior, LOL. So, overall: Great stuff, as per usual. ;D
10/31/2014 c1 15Babatomyfriends
I like it a lot already! Chandler & Phoebe pairings are so rare.
I think his shorts would be a bit too cold though, why not his sweat pants? Or does he need them himself?
And a bit of Phoebe's POV would be nice too. Can't wait for the conclusion!
10/30/2014 c1 23findmyway
Awh, so much love for this already! :D(releases fangirly-sigh, LOL.) Parts I loved( and I'll do my best to not just copy-paste the entire chapter here, XD): Chandler wanting to bang his head into his desk, his feelings about his boring job, him making a choice between dying with people he hates or out on a road and storming out, haha... soo Chandler. Him thinking Phoebe's a homeless person and not being able to lift her, because his muscles are made of butter, :D. And yeah him just helping her out in general: cute times a 1000! Then, the rapist-comment and him thinking he killed Phoebe, LOL. Her trying to remember her past life and him walking in on her and rambling she's attractive... cute and funny at the same time :) Anyways, I hope to read more soon, cause this fic is the best thing to happen for my C/P feels, in a while XD. P.S.: thx for the dedication in your A/N. Virtual hugs, haha.

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