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for The Lost Chip

4/16/2017 c1 sth91342
i like this story! i hope you can continue it if you can.
11/30/2016 c13 Guest
Ioh man I can't wait for you to continue with this.. I really like it
8/15/2015 c13 1Heart of the Demons
I forgot that you updated this story. Gadget's dad, Geegaw, seems like an actual character. Great job on the canon characters, too, because your passion for storytelling is immersely enticing. I hope that continues.
8/15/2015 c13 7Mind Jack
I'm happy to see that this is still being updated. It's an interesting story.
6/20/2015 c9 24The J.A.M. a.k.a. Numbuh i
I doubt anyone here DOESN'T recognize Geegaw... :D :D :D
6/19/2015 c9 1Heart of the Demons
I may not recognize the characters you've listed, but the prohecy you wrote down is certainly a sign of things to come. I'm happy you were able to post two chapters in a day.
6/19/2015 c8 Heart of the Demons
Short, yet absolutely invigorating. Mrs. Grey is certainly not to be intimidated. :)
6/15/2015 c7 24The J.A.M. a.k.a. Numbuh i

And I wonder if they're going to keep their clothes for the time being...
6/14/2015 c7 1Heart of the Demons
Home is definitely where the heart is. This is yet another excellently done chapter. The layers of each character are consistently spread out. The best part of this chapter is learning Chip and Dale's full names. That makes both chipmunks even more interesting characters. This whole story is quite the undertaking for you, but I believe in you 100%.
5/28/2015 c6 Heart of the Demons
This is a magnificent chapter here, my friend. Again you illustrate well the relationship between Chip and Dale, and you really make me relate to them. At the same time, you manage to keep everyone else in character. It's this kind of storytelling that moves a person, whether they're a Disney fan or not. Good luck on future chapters.
11/27/2014 c5 Heart of the Demons
This is a story that truly captures the relationship between Chip and Dale. Their characters feel real, as they should be. The rest of the characters are portrayed to perfection. Writers like yourself can truly bring fantasy to life, and I have complete faith that you'll be able to continue this very story.
11/10/2014 c5 MM99
Great start! I hope you continue this story because I feel like there could be a lot more to happen!
11/1/2014 c5 Guest
Great story! Keep going with it! I really like how you show the relationship between Chip 'N Dale. A lot of authors don't do that.
10/31/2014 c5 24The J.A.M. a.k.a. Numbuh i
Why didn't they take him to a hospital?

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