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1/23/2015 c1 1Nightmareknights
Nightmareblade: Adorable

Nightmaremistress: Simply adorable, love it
12/18/2014 c1 11naturalbornderpy
You're a solid writer and this a solid start to something. The only question now is what kind of story this will become. At the moment it seems like a cute on cute tale, but that's simply because it's a short introductory chapter. Questions that enter my head now are whether the fillies are like their TV personas, and what troubles await your human character (if they do). Does he try to keep them secret? Who sent them? Why did that person send them? And unless this is an alternate universe story, why are they fillies at the moment?

But, then again, this is just a first chapter. So the story can basically go in any direction you wish.
11/10/2014 c1 1bubbahcakes
Aww that was so cute! I'd definitely said this was one of the better fluff fics I've read. Thumbs up!

If you're still interested in making this into a thing, then I'd be willing to help. I'm not saying I want to continue it; I don't have the MLP know-how for that either. But I've read a cubic-buttload of Fanfics for it and I like to think that gives me at least a BASIC understanding of the series. So I might be able to give you some ideas for a few drabbles and such.

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