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for JIA Case Files 3: Canals of Venice

7/19/2015 c14 11SunBinamra
Brilliant! I don't know if tying the plots of all three stories together like that was intentional, but regardless the series had me hooked (I quite literally did not put it down until I finished all three). Excellent plot, characterization, and balance between moods (somber, funny, etc.). Absolutely loved these!
6/9/2013 c7 23Aki no Ryu
Sorry I haven't been reviewing the previous chapters, I've just been busting through. Had to stop a comment on this though because I'm loving the Sano and Megumi development.
9/19/2009 c14 deletedforpersonalreasons
I've just finished reading all JIA stories in a row (in one sitting!) and I have to say...I'm speechless.

I have no idea whatsoever on what words I could possibly use to tell you how much I've enjoyed reading this trilogy, and how deeply I appreciate you as an author for writing them in the first place.

I loved every single sentence in these three stories.

I really wish I could see more Rurouni Kenshin fics from you in the future, but, considering the date of this...I doubt that'll be happening.

Really, thankyou so so much for writing this. I feel...amazingly happy and content and so thankful I was able to find these diamonds of fanfiction. These, are, most definitely, no contest, the best Rurouni Kenshin fanfics on this site. And quite possible one of the BEST fanfics on the entire site. I've never come across anything even comparable to them.

Wow. Really, thanks for making some hours of my life, which should've just been some reading, turn into a very memorable and happy experience.

4/30/2009 c14 4E.Sparks
ok not only was this one of the best stories ive read plot wise, but ur writtin style is incredicle. u brought this entire story together so well, and detailed, connected everythin so perfectly. it was amazing. keep it up :D
5/20/2007 c14 Evee-San
aw i love this ending! although i still wish there was more but alas, all good things do come to an end *sniff sniff*. i'm going to check out some of your other stuff, hehehe i love your writing! you really had me at the edge of my seat in these last few chapters! Aw, and i love the sano/megumi couple, they're so cute! you know, in a lot of SxM fics out there, they all seem to say what a good dad sano is, or would be, and i could totally see that. great job again, did i say i love your writing? 'cause i do!
5/16/2007 c7 Evee-San
wow...the ending to this chapter has got to be my favorite was really deep and i loved how you did it. (unfortunately i have to go finish homework so i can't continue reading . i hate homework...thank goodness my summer vecation is fastly approaching)
4/13/2007 c14 6JessiTsuki
Absolutely awesome trilogy. I read all three in the course of about two days/nights. I loved it all, the only thing that I wasn't completely satisfied with was Soujiro's ending, only because I was under the impression he went free in the actual manga/anime and became a wanderer. I myself however, have not read/watched that far yet.

I bow to you, and then I huggle you because it was great. =)
8/9/2006 c14 1chorochoro
This was an amazing trilogy. I'm just sad that it ended. Keep up the great work.
6/29/2006 c14 1BubbleMagic
I really love the ending! It's so good!
5/6/2005 c14 christian wei jr
That was very very good. I enjoyed it very much. thamk you.

Helpful hint: Next time when Kenshin becomes the Battousai, make him scarier.

Personally, I thought that Kenshin was a little bit of a wuss compared to all of the other characters, also Sano, you need to give that roosterhead more credit! him being the Zanza and all. Aoshi was awesome, Saitoh was perfect, but my favorite was Hiko

Anyway, thanks again.
3/11/2005 c14 skenshingumi
I just loved this trilogy. Too bad you aren't writing anymore Kenshin stuff.

You mentioned Anime Boston. I'll keep an eye at the show is April!
3/11/2005 c13 skenshingumi
Another spectacular action-packed finish. Now I will see if you are true to your word and have some romance in the epilogue.
3/11/2005 c12 skenshingumi
You just continue to amaze. It takes guts to paln the apocalypse!
3/11/2005 c10 skenshingumi
Wow, I am always impressed with your action, even when you write a love scene you write action. Great stuff.
3/10/2005 c4 skenshingumi
I am glad we are finally getting the full back stgory. What a sad story for Megumi, even worse than what happened in the manga.

By the way, please do not take my remarks about waiting for romance or back story as in anyway a diss of your stories. Rather they are meant to express how much I enjoyed the world you created.
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