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for A Spartan Among Shinobi

7/31/2019 c2 Datboi2
No anger dude this is actually going really well
7/30/2019 c17 1huongdaoroma
Yeah. Can you update again? It's getting really good XD
6/24/2019 c17 NeonTheUmbreon23
Probably the best fanfic I've seen read. I will always be ready for more!
5/22/2019 c17 10PsylentFox
I really enjoyed this story so far!

I will be honest and say that I haven't read too many Halo/Naruto crossovers, but this one seems like a good way to go about it. The Chief is pretty strong, but I think that this is a given considering his training and decades of warfare experience. That and the weaponry and vehicles certainly gave him a large advantage in his early years.

I also really did enjoy seeing him struggle with certain aspects, such as the language barrier, and him lacking an AI of any kind (be it Cortana or Roland) really made him think for himself.

Although I do disagree with the reintroduction of the Covenant, but considering we really have no idea of whether or not they're real or just illusions. Meh, small complaint, really. :)

That and the deal with the Rabbit Goddess? Seems to me like John is her reincarnated lover from years and years and years ago. I'd be interested in getting more into that!

That and considering John's first attempt to escape the planet ended so badly... you'd think (if not for his Covenant induced trauma) he'd of learned his lesson... so far it's cost him two of his aircraft. lol

Anyways, enjoying it, followed, will read when you post new chapters!
5/6/2019 c16 Halo312
Honestly this story is very different from the other halo crossovers I've read so far. But even so I got really attached to it and I want to know what happens next. Is Master Chief really the reincarnation of Kaguya's husband? Is he taking Jiraiya's place as Naruto's teacher. I don't know how I feel about this story, but I need to know more. Please write more soon.
5/4/2019 c2 WasteMyTimePleas
God this is fucking boring
4/25/2019 c1 legendmahanagh
Uhh... Why have you made the world from John's perspective animated? It's only animated from our perspective, not the actual characters.
11/30/2018 c17 guestman120
So.. did they get his armor or something? Anyways great chapter hoping for an update soon!
11/24/2018 c4 Unsung Senpai
This was a very interesting Crossover For our Hero MC from halo universe to enter Naruto world, only on their turf.

The Rules are so different and interesting with Chief not having any sort of OP advantage at start. Most halo crossovers i've read usually have granted chief some easy power-up to Armour or usually cortana and chief some how gains and harvest materials to establish their base of operation and produce weapons and ammo.

Being his only source for base and essentials is on the infinity out in middle of oceans.

Here two things that serves an interesting aspect i like:
1 - The language barrier chief struggles and cope with making his own decisions without help of cortana.

2 - Chief learning to be a survivalist as any human would, in a foreign world where his military tactics and procedures doesn't really apply here.

Another particular thing was as this is set during second shinobi war and choice of after halo 4 (leaving cortana out of equation in for writing), i was worried setting up this early at this point of time line was an usual to based off, until you gave a reasonable mention of immortality of being ageless is meaningless, so maybe assuming we progress into the main story ark.

Cant think of enough to criticize early chapters, but i'll continue on as you've gain my attention and curiosity what direction this story leads to.
11/14/2018 c17 Tali
Thank you
11/1/2018 c17 Bluzerker
Im confused on where this is going? Hope your doing ok, I do say this is one of the best naruto halo crossovers I’ve read. I don’t know what to say on the matter since I binge read this for two days. Don’t know on how your feeling since last chapter, you seemed angry from the obvious backlash from possible the covenant coming out of left field, and the fact that he’s a reincarnation of the bunny goddess’s husband. This is obviously an AU, but hopefully there will be an explanation on wtf is going on. Also I refuse to believe on what she said about this being in the same universe. REFUSE I SAY, SHE LIE! Also how in the fuck did they remove his armor? How did the get the jump on chief? WTF IS GOING ON?! IM SO CONFUSED! Looking foreword to reading more chapters from ya.
10/28/2018 c17 3AfterlifeXD
Can't wait for the next chapter, hope its soon.
10/16/2018 c17 4Smashgunner
Can't wait for what comes next. I hope it comes soon.
10/3/2018 c17 12AgentMaryland93
Huh, Chief rotting in prison, being tortured (well, I mean, as tortured as he can truly get, the guy's like Wolverine when it comes to taking hits. Don't bother him too much.), and overall kinda feeling like he can only really just give up and accept whatever Konoha has to throw at him as more punishment?

Rather out of character, but understandable; and as cruel as it seems, I was almost enjoying the prison bit (don't get me wrong, I don't hate Chief, in fact he's one of my most beloved characters, but a good measure of punishment and suffering always makes the next parts more rewarding.)

Looking forward to the next chapter!
9/29/2018 c17 2Ittehgaps
things are getting interesting. looking forward to the next installment.
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