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for A Spartan Among Shinobi

8/21/2018 c17 Abraxxas
Hmmm ... it's only me who thinks that a big whole battalion of covenants (if we count the 6 races of the alliance and their technologies) against a huge ninja city, despite the fact that they use the chakra, remains a totally unfair fight for the Shinobi? (I hope on the other hand that there will not be the flood, because it would be rather catastrophic for the nations of this world)
8/17/2018 c17 Guest
Good chapter as usual. Please update soon. Also I don’t know if you are shipping Tsunade with the Master Chief but I support it if you are.
8/17/2018 c17 Navyseal
This was AWSOME. But the cliffhanger is killing me! Try to update as soon as you can.
8/16/2018 c17 Guestman38
So how exactly did they get his armor off?
8/16/2018 c17 DEATHRIDER
Yes! The story has been updated and now we aren't left with how The Master Chief was rotting in a prison cell. I sure hope that's the Covenant that Chief heard outside his cell. I know I won't be grieving if Konoha is utterly destroyed and everything Hiruzen and Danzo built was burned before there eyes. I don't want Konoha's ninja and citizens dead but rather I want there to be nothing left of the village itself as payback for what those ninja did to Chief. The way Tsunade said Hiruzen deserved respect is ridiculous, respect is earned not given. I know I wouldn't respect someone who I only heard stories about which may or may not be true (since history can be manipulated, and most of the time only the side that won is the one that writes the "credible" story.)

Here's a suggestion SHIPWRECK if you are going with the path of Konoha being destroyed then you could have The Chief bring them to The Infinity to have them fight against The Covenant.
8/17/2018 c17 1Fire W0lf
Wow! Its nice to see an update, I actually thought you hade given up. Im glad to see I was wrong. Keep at it. :).

~ Fire W0lf
8/16/2018 c17 8ShotoGun
Good story. You gotta update more often.
8/14/2018 c17 Devlin
Bloody hell, finally, the sweet sweet goodnes of this beautiful storY! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE update more regularly, this has been amazing, i was waiting for an update for so long, that it has become sad! It's a bit short, in comparison to other chapters, but i take what i get! please update soon, God bless you 3
8/14/2018 c17 Guest
Time flies, it wasn’t clear in the last chapter in jail what happened to johns armor and how much info they got outta him.
8/14/2018 c16 Guest
Dam chief went thru the ringer with no break at all, for the luckiest Spartan he is unlucky as fuck the past 3 chapters lol.
Nice work on the chief and his martial arts skills, he’s like a pissed off tiger in the cage with all the jashin follewers trying to restrain him.
I hope the 3rd Hokage keeps John alive and away from Danzo, lord knows what he’ll do with johns armor and access to the infinity
8/15/2018 c17 Azrael Akuma
what? Chapter is over? This cannot be. I've waited so long for this.
8/15/2018 c17 SPARTAN-626
YES your alive and have to say well done here looking forward to seeing what comes next.
8/15/2018 c17 11dmandog056
This story is great dude, I’m loving it so far. But there doesn’t seem to a whole lot of hope for the chief, and hope goes a long way. I wonder if maybe the Master Chief might get a helping hand from any other wayward UNSC forces, maybe from the SPIRIT OF FIRE from Halo Wars or a long lost Spartan-2 or 3 who might have possibly survived the fall of REACH(Jorge-052)/(Six-B312).
8/15/2018 c17 1Bibliotheca Mundi
Dammit, you finally update and you end it on a cliffhanger. You monster, I bet you enjoy blue-balling everyone.

Anyway, thanks for the chapter. I'll be waiting for the next one, which hopefully will come out before half a year has gone by, otherwise I fear I will have shriveled in balls by the end of it.
8/14/2018 c17 2Mirrors Cracked And Broken
honestly, the only thing keeping be interested right now is Kaguya but honestly at the rate this us going, I'm probably going to abandon this fic.
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