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3/8 c1 Guest
If you don't like a canon compliant fic, then don't read it.
3/1 c1 Guest
Loved this! Very tragic
2/12 c18 distressedpotat
Sooo good and funny and then
1/29 c18 enaprints
read this on wattpad it’s so good literally was bawling
12/14/2023 c1 randomuser234
For some reason, the reviewer below me doesn’t understand that canon compliant/adjacent fics exist. Probably a kid. The “doomed by the narrative” vibes in this were delicious. Thank you.
12/12/2023 c18 Guest
Most baseless self insert story ... I have ever read.
She tried to change nothing even with prior knowledge of canon and just due like stupid whore.
Don't read this crap ( waste of time)
12/12/2023 c17 FrostyKat
Im sobbing
11/14/2023 c18 Tyrm
I'm crying. Thank you.
11/12/2023 c18 Guest
Just stop writing
What is point of SI when they do nothing

Fuck off
Shitty fic.
10/15/2023 c2 HellsMaji
...what kind of absolute idiots put decorative fish in a river? That's dumb as hell.
9/21/2023 c3 CasualNormie
Ha ha, dang she tried getting out of it. I give her props.
9/8/2023 c18 Guest
Your story was really amazing and made me cry. I didn't like the ending but I loved it nevertheless. There's just,,, I don't have the words for it but thank you because this story was amazing and the way you shaped a life heading towards tragedy as a life full of joy and worth living really got to me. I only read this story today by chance but I'm never going to forget it. Thank you so much for sharing your hard work and sticking to your artistic vision! It was well worth the pain and given the chance, I would one thousand percent do it again.
8/7/2023 c18 ZoeyHMML
ok. This is a clear example of dead dove: do not eat. I READ THE DESCRIPTION BUT I STILL DIDNT EXPECT IT, WHY DO I NEVER LISTEN TO THE TAGS/DESCRIPTIONS. God, this hurt. a lot
8/7/2023 c18 24cindy
I was crying at my work place
7/26/2023 c18 rjeven
One of the few stories that made me cry, but it was the first story that made me say repeatedly out loud to myself that it was so goooooooood!;; 100/10 can’t wait to read your other stories. Loved how relatable/realistic the story was. Second best ending of a story I’ve ever seen. Only the ending of the Thor movie with eternity was better due to music and visuals. First author I have favorited.
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