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for Fifty Shades of Omake

3/9/2015 c1 hazardofchaos
O_o oh damn...
11/6/2014 c1 27the Composcreator
might i make a suggestion... have koneko trick issei into learning how to make food appear out of thin air or something to do with kittens. maybe you could even do a few with other members of the peerage both future and present
11/2/2014 c1 Xenoguyver
Pfft oh man, I would agree with Rias. Find a way to DELETE that particular skill set. And I get the feeling that Issei is going to need a good deal of therapy to cope with what happened to him here.
11/2/2014 c1 redclaw39
I hope you do more of this in the future this is funny!
11/2/2014 c1 4Nintendoes Gamer
Well I dont know what to say. Anway keep up with the great work
11/2/2014 c1 138Toaneo07 Ver2.0

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