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2/23/2017 c2 64What'dIMiss
LOVE THIS! I'm writing a TD-Harry Potter crossover myself.
Team E-Scope ftw! ;-)
6/2/2016 c2 62Animation Adventures
This story was epic from start to finish! Why? Because it's all about Team E-scope!

This was a great story detailing the group's formation. Like the story said, you can't not like somebody after taking down a giant troll with them. Nice nod to Owen sleepwalking too. If Shawn's sleeping in a tree in that forest, he must be really good at hiding so Chef doesn't notice him. If you can hide from Chef, you can hide from just about anything else.

Figures Noah would lose the Slytherin house points for being lazy in physically active classes like flying, and personally, I can't blame him for not wanting to look like an idiot.

Looking forward to other stories you add here.
12/28/2015 c1 Animation Adventures
With how creepy Dementors are, I don't blame Shawn for becoming paranoid of more than just zombies after that encounter. It's awesome how the moment he fled from it, he was all 'lemmein!lemmein!', and I find it funny how it would take more than your average dose of chocolate just to calm him.

Happy that Ezekiel doesn't have to hide magic from Shawn anymore, and that they can take on the craziest magic school this side of the world together.
2/1/2015 c1 160SideshowJazz1
Enjoying it so far! So is that memory Jethro got from the Dementors...is that to do with Zeke or something else, I wonder? BTW, I was the person on tumblr who asked Ezekiel if he was a werewolf. Anyway, can't wait for the next story!

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