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for Deep Breaths

12/5/2016 c1 2InfernalGod2g
This was awesome! I thoroughly enjoyed spending my day reading it!
9/21/2016 c1 2Allyraine
I really like what you've done with the AU. Good pace, good premise, great delivery. I absolutely love film noir and this reads like a good Bogart film.
10/17/2015 c1 5BlueNavy
I love this story, it's my favourite thus far. Hope you will continue writing more.
6/3/2015 c1 7ShadowBlazer
Got a here a few months late but I thoroughly enjoy the story though I admit I didn't fully understand it on my first read. That's the beauty with the way you write your stories. I can always keep coming back to them and learn something new about the characters or plot that I didn't pick up the previous time around.

I think the way you use symbolism works well in a story that uses subtext to convey the real motivations and history of the characters. For example, assuming my interpretation is correct, I think the cat represents Riven and/or her relationship to herself, based on the description of how banged-up the cat is, which is remarkably similar to Riven herself and her situation. There's also a methodical layering of information given that suggests and hints at the on-going events but never fully outright says it, which may reflect Riven's reluctance to understand what's happening or even possibly that she knows exactly what's going on but refuses to focus on it. I would have to reread the story again to pick up more details, and I appreciate the effort put into writing this. Thanks for the story, and I hope to read more from you in the future.
2/6/2015 c1 Blargaflarga
I...I have no words for this. This was glorious. And the writing style you used was such a nice change of pace. Almost like an older novel. I loved it.
12/19/2014 c1 Guest
nice one, and the fact that the environment was changed makes it even more nice, in the sense it was refreshing
12/1/2014 c1 Guest
beautiful story with great pace and extremely well writen . Be proud of it , the flow never faltered and the consept was refreshing . One of the best fanfiction stories I have ever read .
11/12/2014 c1 Jordan
Oh my god, this is actually fucking amazing. Please never stop TT
11/4/2014 c1 Mr.Ncguy
wow so this is the finished story. i've veen following this on a tumblr. anyway love your story! i hope you write a love triangle of Irelia/Riven/Katarina story just a request?
11/3/2014 c1 15OrderlyAnarchist
What is with you and writing the best stories in this fandom?

Seriously. You make the rest of us look bad.
11/3/2014 c1 Guest
I like the other 2 better but still love this one, love riven/Irellia
11/2/2014 c1 a nonny moose
surprisingly good, although the[RI] every 12 lines pissed me off.
11/2/2014 c1 TheGadgetFish
I really, really loved following this on tumblr for the past month or so (aka waking up in the middle of the night to see if anything new got posted. #worth). God, the slow burn is so good and satisfying, and former-gangster!Riven has got to be the hottest thing ever.

Your words quench the Rivelia thirst like no other (jk I definitely want more please). Such lovely words and lovely writing style ;_;
11/2/2014 c1 RazorC
Split this into 5 chapters please!

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