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4/7/2015 c1 Anonymous 13
I am the guest
4/6/2015 c13 Guest
I am not that shocked that Gajeel did that but thy is so sad (but nice use of the name salamanders(;) I am glad that you don't mind long reviews. Will we see levy? I really can't wait for erza and you know who;) fight. Will nastu and Lucy go against each other? Will the same happen with Gray and juvia? I am probably asking a lot. And I know I am a guest and you can't message me but I like to give advice or help we ever I can :) So I can't wait for you to update
4/6/2015 c13 Anonymous
IM SO SO SORRY I DIDNT REVIEW I JUST HAVENT CHECKED FOR SUCH A LOOOOONG TIME! Anyways... I'm still paciently waiting for Jerza to happen! And yeah... Lumen Historie is MAVIS herself... I wonder what will happen there! Can't wait till the next chapter! Though... I'm not sure who will win...
4/5/2015 c13 5Yukino scarlet
Poor Natsu, how could Gajeel do something like that?
I really feel for the salamanders the pain they must have had while Gajeel cut of the limbs.
It is a good explanation why they are always fighthing
4/5/2015 c13 Smile for the potato
Oh...oh my...that's...disturbing
4/5/2015 c13 3NeoStarReset
AAAHHH! D: Gajeel hurt the poor salamanders! Noooo! I hope Natsu wipes the floor with Gajeel's face in his fight! X( How evil! But I loved the background on the two of them! :D can't wait for more!
4/3/2015 c12 Anonymous 13
Hey don't you worry you still have all your reviewers even more so I really love the story gajeel made and appearance! And take all the time you need to make the next story or book chapter whatever you want to call it I know some times on people get writer block it's really hard to come up with ideas so don't worry about it but if you do get writers block I have a little advice which is to think out your storyyou know where you want to go so just think about little details that you might want to add and before you know writers block as beforeand now you have a bunch of creative ideas so that's a little advice. CANT WAIT FOR YOU TO UPDATE! :) (sorry that's it is so long) Are we gonna see some Gajevy?
4/3/2015 c12 2Kasumi Yukimura
Yay! Your alive!
4/1/2015 c12 9Digi-fanCatt
Somehow, I don't think Gajeel just took Natsu's food.
4/1/2015 c12 JeRza shipper
Well buddy i love this fanfic! The well defined story plotline and good grammatical, don't forget reveal mystery like "What Siegrain/Jellal past, are he was Erza's childhood and why he list his memories?" "How do u do to regain his memories properly?" "Why Mrs DragBuster suddenly became colder toward Siegrain/Jellal?" U make this based Cinderella right? I liked how u make the genderbender character of Cinderella story, and test to fighting instead 'search the one fit Glass shoes" And Keep fighting! Plz update as soon as possible, I will always wish u for the best!
4/1/2015 c12 3NeoStarReset
Eep! This is so good, you've really made it fabulous! :DD can't wait for the next chapter!
4/1/2015 c12 5Yukino scarlet
Update! Yay thanks love this story!
You aren't the only writher who is slow on updates (shigh when do I ever have time to write) as long as you don't abandon the story everything should br fine right?
2/22/2015 c11 Anonymous 13
And I just realized that my phone autocorrected Fairy tail to ferry tale.
Well that's embarrassing any who I still check every to see if you updated (A lot of times twice) can't wait! A little writer tip if you every need ideas ask friends or the internet yep that's right the internet it can be very helpful or not, I have found when I needed ideas I can go to one of explain what's going on and what I need help with and she can help with it so just a little advice and thank you phone for the embarrassing autocorrect
2/18/2015 c11 Anonymous
But wait! WOULDNT IT BE BETTER IF MAVIS IS RESURRECTED AND THEN THEY COULD HO TOGETHER? No one dies then! And Natsu could just... Uh... I dunno. And omg I didn't catch up to the latest anime episodes but I caught up to the manga! Omg nalu! Well... LETS HOPE IT HAPPENS!
2/18/2015 c11 Smile for the potato
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