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for Fairy Tails with a twist

2/16/2015 c11 Anonymous 13
Thank you so much for updating and no I haven't gone crazy yet. But I do have a lot of questions are you going to do all the ferry tell couples or just the ones that are popular. And I know you only updated three hours ago but I can't wait for Jellal to kick their butts! ;)
2/7/2015 c10 Anonymous 13
Plzzzzzzz! Update *will go crazy if you don't update and gives you puppy eyes again *
1/30/2015 c10 Anonymous
AS EXPECTED OMG LUCY WOONNN! Anyways, yes I AM BACK AGAIN FOR A GREAT CHAPTER! I know that a lot of people who don't have an account goes by "guest" or "anonymous" but you'll know which one is me ;) and its alright if u r not a Miraxus shipper although I am... And zervis... Maybe they can go together if he dies. WHO KNOWS :D
1/29/2015 c10 Anonymous 13
Thank you for the reply I really want to see Elfman and Evergreen get together in whatever story it is so plz update! Don't make me use the puppy dog eyes!
1/28/2015 c10 9Digi-fanCatt
D I can't wait! Good job, Luce!
1/23/2015 c9 Anonymous13
*gives you puppy dog eyes with sparkles in them*
1/21/2015 c9 Digi-fanCatt
XD Lucy always ends up fighting pervs.
1/21/2015 c9 Anonymous
MAKE ANOTHER CHAPTER! I. NEED. IT. NOW! And you can call me a lazy bum. Cuz I am one! I can't wait to see Lucy and That other dude fight! FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT AND WIN LUCY! Can't wait to for that CHRISTMAS special! XD And anyways- U didn't really update in a long time; it was rather fast kinda. Is there jerza soon? Cuz I really need that... Oh yeah, do you ship Miraxus? Cuz if YA do, U should make a Miraxus one. Then I guess I should wait for the other pairings... And can u make a zervis? LIKE OMG THAT NEW FAIRY TAIL ZERO CHAPTER THOUGH... Ok I'll shut up now. JUST MAKE ANOTHER CHAPTER SOON! ;)
1/21/2015 c9 jbadillodavila
1/21/2015 c9 2Louise24Zoldyck
thankyou for the update!:3
though,its short.:*
1/21/2015 c9 Anonymous13
Come on! Plz update again!( gives you the puppy dog eyes)
1/21/2015 c6 Lizzie2145
#dying Is this a Cinderella remake only much better.
1/4/2015 c8 9Digi-fanCatt
XD Cuteness!
1/4/2015 c8 3EmmyHippo
YAY! I LOVE THIS STORY! PLEASE UPDATE SOON, I WANT TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENS NEXT! This is an awesome story, I hope you will have a good time while writing this one and the others! Thanks!
1/4/2015 c8 Anonymous
hehe- I can't wait for JELLAL AND ERZAS MATCH! Sorry if I keep on saying that- just patiently waiting for Jerza to happen. And nalu. And Gale? (Idk where them people are). Anyways- try to finish the christmas special? And wait till the end of this year? Idk just finish it and then post it one day? And you see, I'm lazy to make an account... So uh... Nah. I love this story though! It's coming out well! I meant the 1,000 chapters of this book in general. I mean like- the stories could be as short or whatever, just the thing is leaving me in suspense... BTW...I only
Review when I am in looooove with the story. This one is a must review. HAPPY NEW YEAR TO EVERYONE! Oh and I can't wait for the next chapter!
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