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for Fairy Tails with a twist

12/31/2014 c7 14lightning-storm
Aww. No Jerza yet? Ah well, at least it's not rushed. I want to see what happens when they fight...or he sees her though. Thanks for the update
12/26/2014 c7 Anonymous
HERES YOUR CHRISTMAS GIFT(late really). MERRY CHRISTMAS HO HO HO. But you should just post the Christmas chapter still- doesn't matter if it's still CHRISTMAS or not- it's still winter break! Anyways- I need to see the jellal's and Erza's match. I bet Jellal would win... And no one beats Erza. I dunno. BUT I NEED THE NEXT 1,000 CHAPTERS!
12/24/2014 c7 9Digi-fanCatt
Mary Christmas! XD I love this version! Even better than Rocky and Bullwinkle's twisted fairy tales!
12/19/2014 c1 7yumeisme
I love the plot! And how you make Jerza as the main ** Love the cover too btw did you make it? I reviewed because you said you want to know how us think XD

Anyway, stay cool and take it slow ** Just like Jerza XD

12/19/2014 c6 Yuuki Ohana
️️ this is so amazing! When will you update? Do you have a schedule, bit pliz update soon
12/17/2014 c6 19ChaoticCandiCandy
I don't know why i said godfather ignore me. Update soon please
12/17/2014 c5 ChaoticCandiCandy
Oooooh i wonder who is fairy godfathet is
12/17/2014 c2 ChaoticCandiCandy
12/17/2014 c1 ChaoticCandiCandy
Cinderella with a but if greek mythology where the girl said anyone who can beat her in a race she will marry
12/16/2014 c6 8Ash Lite
Nice! Keep it up and update soon!
12/15/2014 c6 Anonymous-AGAIN
Sorry it's me again from last comment... Oops
Forgot to add something... Where's levy by the way? AND ALSO OMG I found out a gift from Lucy to Natsu! Maybe a never burning out fireplace so Natsu can eat from there whenever he wants to! Hehehehe... It's kind of a bad idea though...
12/15/2014 c6 Anonymous
DONT WORRY everything will be fine ;) and anyways- I like how the JERZA is slowly getting to place. And I LOVE how it's jerza- obviously. And also- I like how it's different from the regular Cinderella story. IM GONNA LOVE LOVE THE NEXT FEW THOUGH. THEY MEET!
12/9/2014 c5 Anonymous
OMG YOU FINALLY UPDATED! Love the chapter though. Can't wait to see what this "bright light". Hehehehe... Hope you update soon and CANT WAIT FOR NEXT CHAPTER! And JERZA to happen... In the next couple of chapters.
12/8/2014 c5 amy14rh
yay finally an update
can't wait for the next chapter : 3
11/20/2014 c4 Anonymous
OMG I LOVE THIS FANFICTION! I hope the next chapter comes out... NOW! just kidding. BUT I CANT WAIT TO READ WHAT HAPPENS NEXTTTT this is such a good fanfiction... now i wonder where's levy...
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