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for The Kid at School

10/12/2017 c11 Guest
Hey you got this, it will be alright, there is someone out there that will always care for you, no matte what. I used to feel the same way except never trying to cut myself but I have had suicidal thoughts and felt like acting on them. I too have been thrown away many times, used and disowned. But I realized that i'm unique and I have a life to live, a future and people how really care for me. I just hope you to realize how unique you are :)
9/13/2017 c11 Guest
Everyone finds out what Humphrey is
5/19/2017 c11 3Troy Groomes
idea for you , what if Kate helped Humphrey escapeshe decides to live with him on some remote habitable island far away from Garthall bullies
12/17/2016 c11 9Static soul
Hey there Wolfy name was alphaking if ya need help just pm me and I'll help ya yeah get back to me when ya see tha review yh
11/28/2016 c5 11FoxyGuy87
Actually, you should say "I responded, she asked, i said, she said etc." because it only adds to the story and makes it a lot easier to understand
2/15/2016 c10 KingStar2328
what's this song called?
2/13/2016 c11 Guest
Just a thought but umm this story is really good but it would be better (personal opinion) if u removed the werewolf factor
10/16/2015 c7 ryanshank63
Nice I love strongbow :)
6/21/2015 c10 1kateissexy
Really good I like it great chapter
6/21/2015 c10 Xxthe dark shadowXx
Nice chapter
6/19/2015 c9 7VillainBae
The story definitely has a very interesting concept and you have me intrigued enough to want to know what will happen next. Good luck with the story man.
6/17/2015 c9 Xxthe dark shadowXx
Nice chapter
6/13/2015 c8 Sparrow
When are you going to update?.?
5/30/2015 c8 Xxthe dark shadowXx
Great chapter
5/30/2015 c8 8RealLK
Amazing a little odd at times but its a good odd a odd the makes the story different and plus i love any high school AU mostly because i dont know how to write them LOL.
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