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for Slowly loosing yourself Ne, Allen-Kun

2/14/2016 c2 1nayukiamnesia
still waiting for a new chapter... sadness...
1/22/2016 c2 10jy24
Oh please update, it just got to the very exciting part.
1/4/2015 c2 AbandonedAccountXOXO
Hey :D Since you review my stories quite often I thought Id read one of your stories too ;)
I like the idea so far, even if its cliché. Just a question. Will this be yaoi or just friendship?
Also I wanted to point out that maybe you should have written longer chapters. I know Im not in the position to talk XD However from experience I can say many readers like longer chapters ;)
Good luck and work hard. Ill wait for the next chappie :D
Ryoma: You forgot me
Syu: hai, Hai
Syu and Ryo-chan
11/7/2014 c2 3Cosmickatsu
Nice! Poor allen
11/5/2014 c2 15KillerAkuma
That Was Awesome XD
Can;t Wait For The Next
11/5/2014 c1 KillerAkuma
Awesome Chapter
Hope You Get The Next Chapter Done Soon -
11/4/2014 c1 drowsyapple
YAY! Allen is turning into a Noah! Great story! I can't wait till the next one! Update soon!
11/4/2014 c1 12CuriosityNeko
update again soon.
11/4/2014 c1 3Cosmickatsu
I like it! It's a really nice story! Update soon

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