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11/4/2014 c1 Aetemus
Well.. this has the potential to be a truly epic story, if written right. Putting someone like endgame!Minato in the HP universe is going to cause not ripples, but massive tsunamis; of course, that is provided you do not decide to follow the old fail formula of forcing everything to fit the canon storyline.
11/4/2014 c1 Suzululu4moe
Nice that Harry has happiness. Away from terrorists and Dumvledore's manipulations.
Vote for hermione and Luna to be with Minato. They are his most loyal female companions. hermione could have fled the country with her middle class dentist parents at anytime yet she stuck with Harry and helped him against terrorists. Saved his hide on a yearly basis.
And Luna who barely knew him for less than a year at that time also fought with him in the Dep of Mysteries.

I hate Ginny so no Ginny.
No Weaslette . I hate her since she is too selfish,superficial, and her five to six school years for her to even speak to harry. Took advantage of a tormented isolated emotionally stunted boy who witnessed his godfather die and was wallowing in grief partially due to his own brash behavior.

Plus the fact that it took Ginny five years to introduce her ostracized/bullied lonely supposed childhood friend/playmate/neighbor Luna Lovegood to Harry.

Harry needed friends and warmth same with Luna yet Ginny who knew this never bothered to introduce them. Instead she dated other boys. What type of friend is that. And the weasleys are supposed to be warm hearted individuals .
The silly redheaded girl could have asked for help at any time yet she did nothing. She helped Voldnort unleash the Basilisk to petrify students. She has family, teachers and Dumvlefor to give the book to yet she just left dairy in the toilet.
ginny has a brother that deals with curses objects as a job, a father that works in the ministry and a prefect of an older brother. She would have been taught from a young age to not go near suspicious possibly cursed objects yet she did the stupid thing and kept on using the diary without letting someone check it over. Plus she has lived with the twins so she should have grown to be used to innocent looking objects causing random effects. Mothering Molly would have ingrained the fact of safety to her baby girl.
No Ginny since this isn't the Harry she dreamed of since she was a five year old.
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