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3/1/2015 c2 hugp1x
Ugh, the beatings... I'll be surprised if I'm the first who has issues with needless angst in Harry's childhood. Especially violence.

Second, everyone speaks like robots. That's an issue.

I'm tapping out. Best of luck.
3/1/2015 c10 Ghul
not big deal but Bagnold was a woman Daniel called her a man
3/1/2015 c10 Randomfacts137
Ah! No! Cliffhanger! Why must you do this to me!?

On the same note, I'm pretty sure that that guy is possessed by Nyx in some way, because, while Ol' Voldy could have done the same with his Imperio, he does seem to trust "Harry" in some way, at least enough to not murder him in public.

Anyway, this is a great story, please continue, yadda yadda, etcetera.
3/1/2015 c10 FanFicFanatic88
a good chapter. i'm not so fond of cliffies, but that's just because i have to wait to find out what happens and i'm not very patient. keep up the good work.
3/1/2015 c10 Myroleran
The cliffhangers are the killsr to me great story ill review more cant wait next chapter
3/1/2015 c10 reneelric
I can't wait to read the next chapter already. Keep up the good work!
3/1/2015 c10 2Fate Faeron
I would offer to beta but I'm not sure how useful I would be considering I've never beta'd anything before and I've only read like 2-3 Harry potter books and it's been years since then. Anyway story seems pretty interesting thus far keep up the good work. It's always nice to see more persona crossovers.
3/1/2015 c10 176Firehedgehog
ohh... evil cliffy
3/1/2015 c10 Drakolf
Cliffhangers are necessary, loath I am to admit it, but that doesn't mean I like them. Looking forward to the next chapter.
3/1/2015 c10 32Anime PJ
Damn you cliffhangers! Oh well, building the suspense never hurts. Plus, this means I can presume that we'll be seeing a major ass-kicking next chapter. Can't wait.

The more of this I read, the more I look forward to the confrontation between Minato/Harry and Voldemort. I know Nyx is the big bad, but she'll be expecting most of it, I want to see Voldy react to the Persona ability. Should make for really interesting reading.
3/1/2015 c10 Aaron Leach
Awesome chapter.
2/25/2015 c9 FanFicFanatic88
ok, this is awesome. what an incredible idea. kinda curious about lord greengrass' name. was it damian or daniel? anyway a great idea for a story, and wonderfully applied. keep up the good work.
2/20/2015 c9 19JackFrost14
Interesting. Keep it up :)
2/19/2015 c7 silentstrixe
3 cheers for Titan!

Hip hip hooray!

Hip hip hooray!

Hip hip hooray!

I still don't understand why Titan was my favorite Persona for 3/4 of Persona 3.
2/19/2015 c9 110th Squad 3rd Seat
A wonderful way to show how he is gonna use this wizarding magic!
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