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for Springs Rebirth

1/4/2020 c2 Read and stayed
Ruby's so smooth at the end lmao
6/13/2018 c2 9ALilVixen
Really good story! Although it may just be me, but I feel as if Blake's line with the heart was a tad out of character.
3/19/2018 c2 Ephiniane

4/11/2017 c2 VictoresNox
Let this story ring true, a family is more than blood.

this is amazing. thank you for sharing
2/18/2017 c2 manticore-gurl071134
Great fic! Glad Ruby, Blake, and Yang cheered up and saved Weiss :D

And Ruby/Weiss are cute together.
7/9/2016 c2 22levi97100
I love this so much you have to make more to it.
4/21/2016 c2 Guest
This was very intense and a good two shot story. If you feel like continuing it It might be best to do it as a separate story perhaps a series of one shots that details how the people around her cope with such a situation.
1/22/2016 c2 2FalconTytus
woah okey so i read the first chapter and was like "NO WEISS DON'T DO IT" and then this mushy stuff - ohh brother! its like you smash my heart and then superglue it back together!
6/6/2015 c2 1Xuan Tian Shang Ti
A very heartfelt look at depression and the road to recovery. Thank you
3/30/2015 c2 6Energywelder
Damn, those feels. Really like it, keep updating (I know this one is done, keep updating Reclaimer)
3/23/2015 c2 3Demonslayer572
... how is it possible for one person to make my entire day seem brighter, and make my heart clench in agony,fear, and sadness, not ten minutes later? The light heart of most of your other stories that I firebombed my way through getting to this one... i really did not expect to be left in actual tears.

Horribly depressing in all the right ways for a sad piece, and... damn. The last few lines were wonderfully executed.

You really tore my heart out with this, then put it all together with some nice warm fuzzies. I don't rightly know how that happens. Great job.
2/17/2015 c2 4ODST110
2/17/2015 c2 13Jefardi
Well that was is it Weiss Xiao Long Belladonna Rose? Or just Weiss Rose? I personally want the super long version
1/10/2015 c2 Daedelus' Muse
Beautiful. This should be displayed alongside Poe and Longfellow, so that others could see how it surpasses them.
12/27/2014 c2 29FanfictionFan3601
i wouldn't be surprised if Monty brings Weiss's father into the series that he'd be a cold unloving man who would disown Weiss without a single thought for the slightest infraction
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