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for A Son Forgotten - Hiatus

13h c14 Bait
Well that tatsuko scene was much better than the last few scenes with everyone trying to kil- I mean kiss naruto
7/28 c2 Guest
Been on hiatus for two years
7/27 c3 Riptide33
The last the paragraphs gave me same feeling as when Iroh sang “Little Soldier Boy”
7/19 c43 Mark
Reading this chapter almost make me shed a tear, ALMOST...but damn the scene where naruto and kushina talking really hit home. No fanfic had ever made be soo emotional..i hope you return fast to finish the story :]
6/19 c8 Johnmau
Personally, I don't really like Anko and Zabuza so far... As well as naruto...

For Anko and Zabuza, I really liked their original... Personality? I just find they aren't as strong as I thought of them were. They were, like, badass!

I didn't want to compare them, I try not to when reading ff as everyone has their own view of things and they might have wanted to change it!

But, come on! I just find them... Sad.

Anko shedding a tear? Shedding tears!? The crazy bitch (Respectful Bitch. Not ugly Bshould've ripped Fourth a new one! Or maybe display a visage of aloof, not facing the fourth, clearing her ears with her pinky! Not... Tears...

So I thought, why isn't she as badass as I thought she was... Then I connected it to that Snake Bastard! I should've known! Hated him in then, hated him now! He's probably why Anko isn't as BADASS anymore! Fick that Snake Bastard!

And then Zabuza... He's so... Easy to talk to... So... Caring... I don't know how to feel about it. I find his willingness in calling Konoha home, as easily as he did... Disturbing? I don't think there was any resistance at all.

And Naruto... Well...
6/11 c14 corjca1
fuck hiruko fucking pedo bastard pure fucking scum pedo bastard
6/10 c3 corjca1
thats not a family one child is the same as next created in jah/jesus image
6/6 c20 Guest
tatsuko and satsuki best girls dont me (this story is so GODDAMN AWFULly AWESOME lol i bet u actually thought i was gonna insult u i really like this story though)
5/17 c43 Roland Necros
After reading this, I have known pain
5/17 c43 Roland Necros
I cried, over and over and over, the sadness, the emptiness, the apathy, the remorse, I felt it all. Dear Writer, please continue this story for I will be waiting.
5/17 c24 Clown Exorcist
Damn boi, shit just sad
5/17 c21 Clown Exorcist
If you have the Kyuubi sealed inside him, then he shouldn't have any type of curse mark or seal. The Kyuubi's chakra is a Demonic one and if you put another foreign chakra inside who's body the Kyuubi will outright reject it. Seeing he has Ryūton Chakra then it's possible that he is part dragon-part fox iykyk
5/17 c3 ExotXx
5/17 c43 Soumarya Mandal
That was an amazing story please continue it
4/30 c29 Raizel Silvestre
ohh this must be naruko. this is exciting. hope u continue this fanfic author-san
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