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8/26/2019 c5 4Tenjo
Oh ffs. Not Severus. Why was that not in the bloody description? Gross.
1/1/2018 c2 4jeskasaurus
is there a reason his birthday is in October instead of July?
9/9/2017 c8 3ncpfan
I think you've done a stellar job at making Lily a very human and relatable character in this story. Evwrything she's doing, I can completely understand how she started her affair, and her relationship with Harry just seemed to chip away piece by piece over time. That's so tragic (and dangerous) because you never can point to when it all started, or how it progressively got worse. Great job with that. Part of me can't help but hope she leaves James - maybe that would be his wake-up call, but it seems like it's far too late for him.

Anywho, eagerly awaiting more.
9/5/2017 c8 Guest
Nice to see you back. Keep writing
9/5/2017 c8 Guest
A welcome comeback
9/7/2017 c1 3kirashu
Hum... i like the concept but if i am honest, i'm not sure about the necessity of your change in the timeline so far. I mean, the fact that Harry and co were so young when all this madness began was the thing, was a part of all the "myth".
But i suppose you did it for a specific purpose, still generally i really don't like "pov" story at all but i find myself liking this chapter and the concept behind it.
9/6/2017 c8 waya715
its good so far, it kept me wanting to read it... thank you for writing it.
9/5/2017 c8 1geetac
It's sad that Lily hasn't talked to harry in along time
9/5/2017 c8 The Shadows Mistress
interesting twist good story
9/5/2017 c8 The Three Stoogies
an interesting chapter keep up the good work
8/25/2017 c7 imokit
8/21/2017 c7 Guest
I love most of your stories but this Lily is beyond awful and neither James nor Severus, despite their faults, deserve her behavior
8/22/2017 c7 ClaireR89
Update! I need to see Lilly's redemption cause I'm so mad at her
8/21/2017 c7 Michand
So happy I found this and that you will be finishing it! Can't wait to find out what Harry's wife is like
8/21/2017 c5 2teedub
I don't know if you are trying to make the reader sympathetic towards Lily or what, but I've got to say, I really don't like her character. Her "poor me, wahhhh" attitude is really childish, selfish and off putting. And now she's going to toy with Severus's heart while still holding a grudge against nothing more than one instance of name calling when she was smiling while he was being publicly humiliated and bullied?

IDK...she's not really a character one can get behind is she? I think she deserves where she finds herself. I wish Severus would have told her to fuck off and not in the fun way.
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