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9/1/2016 c1 16SilverLinedApathy
I saw you also had written a Free! fic and had to check it out! I feel like it would be such a real problem to be self-conscious when dating an athlete. Also, I loved that "even Nagisa noticed." I can picture him tactlessly pointing out something like that. This was really cute!
11/30/2014 c1 12keulloi
That's so sweet. I think Makoto would be the perfect boyfriend out of all the Free! boys. Your story wasn't cheesy or cliché but don't ever worry about that, because everyone loves a little cheese from time to time even if they won't admit it. (; -wink-
Keep up the great work and thanks for reviewing my story! :)
11/8/2014 c1 3C.A.M.E.O.1 and Only
Awww...That was cheesy, but SOOO good...Like nachos.
11/7/2014 c1 4My Father's Daughter
Short and sweet, just the way I like it! Great job! Makoto really would make the sweetest boyfriend...I love that he doesn't care about the superficial things. And that he cooks! Lucky Gou. I want some curry now. Looking forward to reading more from you!
11/7/2014 c1 18mzdarkstar
AW! So adorable, so very youuuu. I have never seen this anime (lol) but I still enjoyed it so bravooo bravooo. Your writing is soooo nice and fluid. WRITE SOMETHING ELSE O_O

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