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7/29/2021 c19 8Ngie
well that was very unpleasant at times lol very well written though, i think it's what writing is also about right? exploring unconfortable emotional spaces and finding a way out? this series was very cool to read, also kind of relatable, and maybe not in the most pleasant way as I said, but it was all wrapped up in a beautiful story, with tragic, imperfect aspects to it, very humane to its core.

I loved Nan so much lol Thank you for your work, I'm having a becloe nostalgia crisis and I'm grateful I came across your work even years after, thanks to this platform. I hope life treated you well :) best wishes to you and your loved ones
5/11/2021 c19 moaning-myrtl3
Love this! This fic was a fantastic read. The “hey’s” in the end of the sentences threw me off a bit but no biggie. Keep up the great work!
5/10/2021 c1 moaning-myrtl3
Just gotta ask but what’s up with the “hey” thing in the end of some sentences? Kinda sounds Canadian in my whenever I read it lol
12/7/2020 c4 hermidorimione
So Chloe's mother was 26 and had a 14 y/o daughter when she died. I'd just assumed you actually meant her to be 36.
8/14/2020 c15 TTshorty33
Chloe is so pathetic for not even trying to talk to her yet. just saying.
6/19/2019 c19 3jcaps
Excellent story. Loved it.
9/7/2018 c19 Guest
I love it, very angsty and it almost made me cry. This story made me fall in love with Bechloe and you should be proud of yourself. It’s amazing
8/21/2018 c19 AmbovV8
One of my absolute favorite Bechloe fics! Thank you!
8/17/2018 c2 Guest
You're painfully British. It's not a problem, but it's incredibly weird to see American characters using British slang.

Mum Mom
Footy or Football Soccer
Blimmin Fucking? Goddamned? I have no idea what that would possibly translate to. I was just using context clues. Either way it's definitely not an American word. I've never heard that from an American mouth in my life.
7/4/2018 c6 somethingthatismine
6/6/2018 c18 LookOutReader
Um ok? I know this is a romance but I feel like having Beca run to her mother’s was pointless. At first, I thought wow that’s a great (done before) twist (100% not sarcastic). But beca caves immediately after seeing Chloe? Just wowwhy bother having her run twice for, if the second doesn’t require more convincing than the first? Sure the fams there but I doubt they added much, they could easily have been the bellas instead or just nobody. Really disappointed by the end of the ch.

Overall liked the story though, don’t get me wrong, it was cute/romantic and made me laugh. The writing style is good and very readable.
6/2/2018 c19 Pitchfan
I should find a guy who will purpose me like the way Beca did to Chloe, that’s so romantic.
5/27/2018 c8 A1050
Ooh, so much drama! I love this story soooo much! This is just awesome! You are auch a great writer!
5/17/2018 c19 A
Okay, just binge read this and finished. Best. Story. EVER. Ok, that’s an exaggeration, but it was super awesome, keep it up with other fanfics!
5/17/2018 c3 A
This story is awesome!
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