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4/3/2020 c16 jasouatfan
Love this fic. They went through so much and came out stronger together. Kyra is a beautiful name
5/4/2019 c15 9Chess-Blackfyre
Kyra. What a lovely name :)
5/4/2019 c14 Chess-Blackfyre
Oh my word that just got dramatic!

The unicorn mobile I did NOT see coming!

Baby Mills you are coming into the world with a bang,

Also, props for the line 'but delivering a magical baby in the middle of a panic attack because she's coming too early and her mother is freaking out as well, that's harder'
5/4/2019 c13 Chess-Blackfyre
I love them having an honest conversation! Because Regina's right, no relationship is perfect and trying to have one and be a 'perfect' partner is unsustainable and just going to lead to disapointment
5/4/2019 c10 Chess-Blackfyre
Oh this is going to be GREAT! Because Marian is right, as much as this situation just generally SUCKS, Robin's being unfair to her
5/4/2019 c8 Chess-Blackfyre
I like this dynamic, and how Emma and Regina have developed a weird kind of friendship, but a friendship none the less
5/4/2019 c7 Chess-Blackfyre
You got to feel for Marian here. It feels like she turns around and everything in her life has changed. There's no right or easy answer
5/4/2019 c6 Chess-Blackfyre
I really like Emma here! She and Robin have never really interacted too much, now that I think about it. Also I HAVE to give you props for the line "one of the most bizzare love triangles I've ever seen and this is coming from someone who was in the middle of one involving her son’s father and the guy who wanted to be his father” it was hilarious and something that is woefully under-examined in Captain Swan fics sometimes
5/4/2019 c2 Chess-Blackfyre
I love Emma's characterization here, a mixture of guilt and resiliance
5/4/2019 c1 Chess-Blackfyre
Oh this is going to be INTERESTING! I really love Henry's characterization here, and how he loves and wants to protect his mom, and is excited about being a bit brother
8/13/2018 c16 3sxde
Really good job! Love it!
6/19/2018 c1 14Immortal Dragon Empress
This was an interesting read and a rather brilliant take on the Regina pregnancy trope! I liked that you actually kept the characters IN character... not an easy feat by any means. As someone who has been scouring this site for a good OutlawQueen fix let me tell you the biggest let down is that the characters are often so OOC you as the reader see no point in reading the fix any further. I especially loved how you used Robin’s code of honor in this fic. It made perfect sense ! After everything they’ve been through and everything that has happened it’s understandable that he is not the man who once lived by such a strict code. I truly enjoyed this fic and I hope that you write more Outlaw Queen!
11/5/2017 c16 Guest
Great story
1/11/2017 c15 Guest
hey thank you for this whole series i loved it
10/9/2016 c16 4evilregalslola
This was the first ever fanfic I read and I still love it to this day! Great job
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