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for It's Boruto's Fault

5/7 c52 Guest
Really enjoyed reading your fic! Aaaah I can’t choose haha. Tho I may be leaning towards SasuIno. Can’t wait for the next chapter!
8/27/2021 c50 LoganLiet
damn sasuke so smooth lmao
8/26/2021 c42 LoganLiet
damn dude i really need this story lmao
6/20/2021 c1 silkycrow
Please update soon D; it’s been forever!
4/5/2021 c52 silkycrow
I want Shisui x Ino! <3 update pls
7/30/2020 c11 Juvia badass Lockser
Could you do a Shisui x Ino?
7/30/2020 c52 Juvia badass Lockser
Plz, update! I really love the love-triangle between Ino and Sasuke and Itachi!
10/10/2019 c52 Guest
Please update .
I love this soooo much.
Read it so many times already and never bore.
2/7/2019 c52 CrimsonEmpress
2019 anyone? :D
1/21/2018 c52 agala
I hope that author will have enough time and courage to finish this incredible story!
1/8/2018 c2 CrimsonEmpress
oh please continue T_T
11/3/2017 c52 1purpleflowers10
I hope that some day this continues ... because you really have a good plot here. I love especially the ITASASUINO
5/29/2017 c26 blond nraven
Last part was damn cute
1/22/2016 c52 DaichanLeUnstoppablePantheress
soo coool love your story hope ya update this :O
8/7/2015 c3 genesicgaogaigarvsgodgundam
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