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for Naruto: You've Opened My Eyes

5/1 c5 Guest
For the Rant Time: I agree 100% with you on everything you said in the rant.
4/28 c1 Vactican
the most disgusting pairings: Naruto/sakura
4/1 c4 Calm Dragons
There's two thing bothering me...

1- Kakashi is far weaker than Naruto at this point

2- Why didn't Naruto receive a promotion to Jonin or at the very least Chunin?
2/18 c23 TheGermanSausage
I loved your opinion on naruto, the premise of this story and the story itself... up to around chapter 21-22 where in my opinion it goes downhill for me . For example, you say that all of his girls are "deeply in love with him" or "marked for life" but then have anko and sakura cheat on him behind his back like yeah i didnt mind it to much but you couldve made it so instead of anko cheating she couldve joined in with naruto and shion. Also for being one of the best sensor in the elemental nations why couldnt naruto idk sense sasuke before he poisoned the drink since he was filled with negative emotions when he did it. And why would orochimaru even create a poisen like that? Thank you the first third was a 9/10 but the second was a 6/10 for how mad i was getting at stuff, but still great story
1/23 c25 GrimStormWind
I love the story
1/17 c4 GrimStormWind
I like it
1/17 c3 GrimStormWind
I’m enjoying it so far
12/24/2020 c15 Mr.x
All right my main man jiraiya finally got some love way to go partner and with tsunade I think it's time she finally caught up with her old crush for once in her life I am sure Dan and her little brother would be happy for her you know.
11/29/2020 c31 1Nevarus
So, I enjoyed the story overall. But I for the most part, hate the whole sasuke resurrection. Did orochimaru not know that the subjects of edo tensei can break free? Somehow I doubt that, it was a suicidal act. Well done with showing how bad sasuke really is, in the main series. Sasuke could've approached his revenge in many ways in canon, but this seems more canonical than the original. With how sasuke is personified in the series, I don't see him being a good guy... ever.
10/18/2020 c5 NCVII
That rant tho XD
10/15/2020 c21 1ethancyh
Harem is good but when it goes to lesbians im done. I support lgbt but I don't like it when the mc's harem girls go together
10/11/2020 c1 Guest
And now I feel better after that commet I said earlier just making my point you have your taste we have our taste anyway have fun doing what you love:)
10/11/2020 c1 Guest
I can't blame you or the creator of Naruto but everybody doing the best they can you know i don't care how bad it is I just enjoy a good story sometimes you got get used to it question how do feel about letting out your rants feels good huh?
10/4/2020 c31 Borello
damnit. the story is really great.
9/29/2020 c13 ethancyh
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