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for Naruto: You've Opened My Eyes

7/17/2017 c13 79YeagerMeister31
well that wasn't bad better than Tenten's though but not bad overall
7/17/2017 c12 YeagerMeister31
Well, another nice chapter NaruTen this time aye I can't believe Sakura, Ino, Anko and now Tenten before Hinata that's just awesome lol. Ino challenging to be Naruto's number 1 girl is a lost cause lol
7/17/2017 c11 YeagerMeister31
well another great chapter though the fact u said only Hinata would get 2 rings when in fact Anko and Ino have them also is weird but not really that important

Plus I have loads of NaruSaku stories and 2 Harem stories (Yes Sakura's in both)

Check out my profile in case you've missed some
7/16/2017 c10 YeagerMeister31
Well, I was surprised, I was expecting the boring Hinata to win by hundreds of votes Glad she didn't Ino or Anko were my 2 fav choices so I'm glad one of them won and it was a nice lemon wonder who will be next I'm hoping for Ino.

As for the rant WTF Kishimoto, I hate you also as Jtz29 said you literally spat in the face of everyone making Naruto change the way he is and as for the Scarf it's from his mom who gives a flying fuck if Hinata's unhappy about it, it's from his mom a sentimental item and should not be discarded just because whining Hinata's unhappy
7/16/2017 c9 YeagerMeister31
wow great chapter nice NaruSaku & Parents moment that was pretty nice, the other girls finding out was pretty cool, Karin has to always be the party pooper doesn't she lol.

As for the poll I'm guessing it will be NaruHina almost going to gag right there but will be surprised if it's someone else I'd prefer all of them before Hinata to be honest but I doubt that will happen
7/16/2017 c8 YeagerMeister31
Well, another great chapter and nice twist with the pregnancy. Loved the NaruTen and NaruIno time also the jealousy from Hinata is getting old but whatever he loves Sakura more than anyone
7/16/2017 c7 YeagerMeister31
well that was a nice NaruAnko date moment thing, Next is Tenten then Ino, Hinata getting jealous that Sakura was Naruto's first like it would have been any other way
7/16/2017 c6 YeagerMeister31
in an interesting chapter, of course, NaruSaku is better than any other pairing in my book
7/8/2017 c7 14FenreldStormblade
Very nicely written... I could honestly see this happening... the admiration for Naruto from Anko by sharing a similar fate of distain from the villages drawing them together... could make for an interesting shipping and story
6/25/2017 c5 79YeagerMeister31
well this was a nice chapter the sex in the shower was a nice touch still on the fence with Hinata really don't like her that much she not right for Naruto. The confession when he was fighting Pein was BS she's hardly EVER spoken to him she just blushes and faints it's a joke if u ask me Kishimoto was talking out of his ass teaching Hinata Rasengan WTF why teach an execution type move to someone who doesn't even like fighting it's ridiculous. And Sakura being a bad person yeah WHATEVER NaruSaku is what should have happened not NaruHina there was like 0 build-up and then bam she confesses and then bam he falls in love he doesn't even know her. Then look at Sakura loved her since the Academy and then nothing even if she said I'm sorry I don't love you him telling her that he loved her should have happened.

Now back to the story adding Hinata is something I'll just ignore quite simply I don't like the pairing it's a joke but moving on (Just Quoted My Own Story There) Adding Ino have no problems whatsoever I like Ino a lot. She's an attractive woman and the pairing is kind of funny and I have no problems with her being added.

Adding Anko is funny she is one of my fav Characters although not in the Anime much she's still awesome and I want to see what happens.

Tenten is another I'm curious about Neji says she acts towards Naruto like she does towards Neji I like Tenten she's pretty cool so I want to see what happen.

Temari is another hot Kunoichi and have no problems with her being in the Harem although her not being with Shikamaru is weird but oh well

Konan well it's a common pairing apparently It's weird because the time she dies she's like 40 something almost 20 years older than Naruto but oh well wonder how this works out

Ryuzetsu is another I haven't seen much I've seen the odd one but not much although she does look attractive and am wondering how it will work out.
6/25/2017 c4 YeagerMeister31
well this was nice cool lemon not bothered about the girls Konan is the oldest but oh well Hinata not keen on but it's was quite obvious she'd be in it as long as she knows she's not the one he loves the most that will always be Sakura-Chan. Anko aye kinky and Temari not Shikamaru
6/25/2017 c3 YeagerMeister31
well that was interesting Ino and Hinata are both Jealous but who care Sakura-Chan's all that matters
6/25/2017 c2 YeagerMeister31
well that was nice glad Kushina and Minato made Sakura see the light
6/25/2017 c1 YeagerMeister31
well this sure was quite a shocking start Sasgay really is pathetic and deserved to die
6/21/2017 c30 SPark681
Damn all I can say is well done this story keep me going and I couldn't stop reading it until it was all done lost track on the number of hours it took to read, but was well worth it. I laughed how you made fun of Naruto: The Last it cracked me up now to see if any other story you have can compare to this one so keep up the great work!
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