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for Naruto: You've Opened My Eyes

5/6/2020 c1 NibberWithAHardR
I better see Karin on here or ur getting vored
3/24/2020 c20 LuluViBritania
did i miss the part where Naruto asked Sakura to check why he couldnt use his Chakra when the Raikage when to attack him?
3/24/2020 c19 LuluViBritania
Edo tensai or not Sasuke still has negative emotions aimed directly at Naruto that Kurama would have picked up
3/24/2020 c14 LuluViBritania
hmm i'm of the opinion the reason Wood Style has thus far been unique to Hashirama and those with his Chakra/d.n.a infused into them is due to his Water and Earth abilitys mixed with the overpowering Yang of Asura's Chakra.
2/17/2020 c16 Kuro.435
Lemons are always appreciated, and a mission such as this is probably to expand his harem, though I hoped it’s more romantic than the in past
2/17/2020 c15 Kuro.435
Well I was expecting something similar with the title but was surprised that Naruto brought Itachi and Shisui
2/12/2020 c9 Kuro.435
I’m sorry that people have flamed on you because of your opinion. I agree with you that if NaruHina had been developed as much as NaruSaku was then it was understandable instead of just mashing 80% of the reasons on the movie The Last... but that’s not the worst part, the worst it’s that Kishimoto didn’t give a proper ending to Naruto’s feelings, probably to make us think that they faded in time but Naruto didn’t ever stop being himself so how can we be sure?
2/12/2020 c8 Kuro.435
Well I certainly didn’t expect him to pass out
2/12/2020 c7 Kuro.435
The Anko scene was real touching and I can understand her feelings
2/12/2020 c6 Kuro.435
It was good, at least he is building relationshipsnot just straight up with the sexual
2/12/2020 c5 Kuro.435
If that’s true about what Kishimoto said about Sakura in the interview then I am also disappointed since it makes no sense but I hope it isn’t real
2/7/2020 c1 SLay KinG
I already don't like it... Naruto is more like his mother he should be In love with someone like his father quiet and reserved... if he was more minato then I wouldn't mind him being with Sakura I would even think they make a cute couple... but canon? no nd I don't believe Naruto ever had such strong feelings for Sakura that he would start tripping more then he did for jiraya
1/26/2020 c2 Kuro.435
Jiraya couldn’t be returned alive probably because he was at peace with himself
1/26/2020 c1 Kuro.435
Finally, Sasuke has tried to kill her several time s he Naruto just brushed that over...
12/20/2019 c4 1TheEmbodimentOfSins
Lmao wth, she rubbing skin against skin?
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