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for Naruto: You've Opened My Eyes

9/28/2019 c13 Guest
Pssst. Can we have Madara-sama back?
Lol jk keep him dead.
If Madara was suddenly reformed that would ruin his entire character. And if he was alive but not reformed it would ruin the entire world peace.
9/28/2019 c10 Guest
I love reading your chapters AND your rants. Can we talk about the new scrappy haircut too?
9/28/2019 c9 Guest
Get the pitchforks and torches ready! The ending was shit.
So let's say it ended with Eternal Tsukuyomi and have us a beautiful tragedy
9/28/2019 c7 Guest
Love it. Definitely love it.
9/28/2019 c6 Guest
And then comes the Boruto canon where they're fucking miserable and it's obvious. Btw, Hinata is miserable too, and Naruto is a neglectful parent. Less so than Sasuke though, but still. So much bs happened there.

Hence I'm reading Naruto fanfiction in 2019. What is life.
9/5/2019 c6 1TheScribeofLelouch
Good premise but I can’t continue reading this. It’s smut, not romance. Naruto has no romance plot except with Sakura and Hinata. It’s cringy reading how a person who interacts with naruto for maybe just a day (Konan) suddenly falls for him or how a person with almost zero love interest for Naruto suddenly wants to become his wife. You could have spent 10 chapters or so for each. Create a plot where their relationship develops. The only reason why Sakura and Hinata worked was because they were Naruto’s love interest in Canon and Kishimoto wrote something happening between them in the 700 chapters of his. Because of the good premise it had potential but squandered.
8/25/2019 c1 kekbekmekflekwek
Hey, Retard, just wondering if you'd ever heard of commas before? I used a couple here, and look how much better this already looks. Retard.
7/23/2019 c4 6t1asity
7/18/2019 c2 Noraim
That got to be some of the worst parents in history, actually enjoying and justifying the neglect, abuse and torture of their orphan son.
7/12/2019 c10 anonymouse47
7/3/2019 c1 HighPaladinRath
I’m going to say this here because it’s feel like this should have happened... Naruto should have taken two wives... there isn’t anywhere in The whole series saying he couldn’t or they any body couldn’t... naruto should have been able to take both Sakura and Hinata as his wives... and sasuke should have died at the end of the war... he shouldn’t have let the Uchiha clan to continue. They should have killed sasuke and let him stay dead. I like both NaruSaku as well as NaruHina but I’m biased towards NaruHina but yeah naruto was should have been able to take two wives
7/1/2019 c17 BoredKing
Um I don't mean to nitpick but isn't Karin a jonin level shinobi? Why works she act scared of a chunin, or like that at all? She is a very fiesta person, very similar to Sakura. You've ranted about the Kishimoto being biased against Sakura in favor of Hinata buy your doing the same here. I'm just pointing it out.
7/1/2019 c16 BoredKing
Naruto wanting to seal the bijuu really doesn't make sense, and it's pretty ooc, not to mention unnecessary.
6/30/2019 c1 konan
konan is older than naruto's mom and you put her in the harem? :O
6/30/2019 c5 nielnica12
Uhmm i so feel like kakashi right now lul *perverted giggles*
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