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for Mortal Intervention

8/12/2020 c14 serlinealanine
Love it. Can't wait for the next part
7/27/2020 c1 Nerdthatsmyname
I don't waant this to come off wrong but I found it very hard butt o follow what was going kn during the battle and I personally thought Leo was a bit to OOC, my opinions thought. Other than that it was great, a really good concept.
6/29/2020 c14 Guest
Please come back to the story its one of the best crossovers I've read so far!
5/22/2020 c6 3DaisyLynn21
3/31/2020 c9 Rennie3628
Man Rainbow were you eating Donuts with Blackjack recently bc it’s taking you quite a while to get Percy there! also I wonder how your gonna have Leo react to seeing Percy once he finally gets there
2/14/2020 c14 Vanilla
Hi. I bet it’s been a while since you got a review on this story. Well I’m here to tell you that I love this story and if you continue it, it would be greatly appreciated because this plot is freaking awesome! I love your writing and your story. Definitely worth continuing
2/10/2020 c1 11thunderofdeath97
The demigods idealizing the avengers, and looking up to them or fanboying and fangirling over them is just stupid
8/4/2019 c14 Pjhoofan678
So I guess you're no longer continuing this? Too bad I really liked it
8/4/2019 c11 Pjhoofan678
Well Annabeth if you went to that meeting you would have known the details then!
8/4/2019 c10 Pjhoofan678
Shouldn't someone have told Leo what was going in with the Avengers? He and calypso could be in danger by being there
8/4/2019 c9 Guest
I thought his weapons wouldn't have been able to do any harm at all?
8/4/2019 c8 Pjhoofan678
Let's just hope he doesn't kill it before Percy does that would mess up the whole plan
8/4/2019 c7 Pjhoofan678
He saw the Greek Gods? How? Shouldn't they have put up a barrier for that?
8/4/2019 c6 Guest
I mean there are other options then teaming up with the mortals and destroying them. That's not their only option
8/4/2019 c6 Pjhoofan678
The Norse Gods are more like long-lived demigods I mean Odin barley even has powers!
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