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10/24/2015 c6 Blinded in a bolthole
The Cows say Shazuul!
10/20/2015 c14 11KaimelarTheDreamer
Awesome! Is the only word I can think of to describe this story.
10/14/2015 c14 Guest
I love this story. I neeeeeeeed to know what happens next!
10/14/2015 c14 1Bolle Accidentali
What is Hazel doing?
10/12/2015 c14 6Dragons and Dragons

As you can see, I don't do flames very well at all. Very nice chapter, if a bit long in coming. Personally, I'm really looking forward to Percy actually talking to the Avengers and co. Leo!
10/12/2015 c14 Guest
Really looking forward to when the Avengers meet Percy Jackson and how Percy will have to evade questions and still try to inspire trust. It'll be interesting to see how they interact.
10/12/2015 c12 8Risa Silvara
Nico to exorcist is great. You should do a crossover with Supernatural and Nico doing Hunter-y things eventually, too!

Nico literally is devil-spawn, though...and a necromancer and basically is supposed to be what they hunt in the first place. So Sam and Dean /might/ frown upon that until they figure out what a precious cinnamon bun he is.
10/11/2015 c14 Daughter of Trickery
Please update it its amazing totally awesome please update ot sooner like pietro/quicksilver please!
10/11/2015 c14 15Serami Nefera
Thanks for the update! The chapter was worth the wait. It was nice to see that Percy can take some Shield agents down... and that Shield is organized and crafty enough to detect the attempt.
10/11/2015 c14 4littlebear62007
Da Fuq. Update faster. Its only been like a year. Ur killing me dude, I need this story to survive.
10/11/2015 c14 Guest
Thanks for writing again
10/11/2015 c14 9Cooljoanna18
Love it. Show persassay
10/11/2015 c14 27zeynel
Hie! Nice to see you back! And to see this story continued, I love it.

I loved the way Percy entered the facilities! Hilarious! (when there was a knock atthe avengers door, I half-expected him to enter saying "uh, sorry, I kind of had to duct(tape your guys to come in but they're not damaged! Too much..." with a sheepish smile o his face)

I love how you have Hazel taking an important part as well!
10/11/2015 c14 Sky is the limit
This is a wonderful story please update soon!
10/11/2015 c14 Up
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