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12/13/2017 c4 Rainstrom
If you're still here, please know that there are people who would like to see this story continued. Or, at least tell us if it's abandoned, or in hiatus, or dead.
12/13/2017 c2 Rainstrom
This is an amazing story. I'd love to read more.
9/10/2015 c4 Seta88
a great chapter and worth every minute i read it. it was nice and refreshing right from the start to the end. i will not point out specific scenes as the whole chapter was great read. and with every new scene you surprised me of how much you thought about the different scenes.
to your an
if you had marked hinata as one of the main characters i would have never found this story as i ignore her in my search as a friend of naruto she is great but when i read romantical thoughts when they are 10-13... i had enough of that one too many times.
9/10/2015 c4 16Jewlbunny
I understand some of the stuff you mentioned at the end. That's pretty cool. Hope to read more soon.
9/10/2015 c4 Guest
No Sakura can't just up an STEAL Naruto's birthright that's just not FAIR! Have her learn something else or have Naruto surpass her at it! Sealing is what both his parents and Clan were know for!
9/9/2015 c4 Lamelinam
The whole Ichiraku episode between Naruto and Hinata was GOLD !

I'm a bit miffed that Naruto won't pick up Fuinjutsu. As an Uzumaki, and the sons of 2 experts, I would expect him to soak up to the subject like sponge to water. In the same way, I hope that Sakura will still be apprenticed under Tsunade and becomes a medic with super strenght. It's just that I've always felt that team 7's skills were too entangled with their personalities for them to change too drastically.

Keep writing. Your fic is great.
9/9/2015 c4 1LordGhostStriker
8/25/2015 c3 ougley
I like it :)
6/12/2015 c1 Lamelinam
I just read the reviews for this story, and well, it made want to say some other things.

If Naruto goes on a quest for information about his mother, I think there's a lot of comedy potential in him asking Itachi stories about Kushina, even if it's just flashbacks. Please just check "Tales of Babysitting Uchiha Itachi" by PyrothTenka, I find it awesome

And I saw someone recommended to you "Lanterns in the dark", but really, that fic goes darker and edgier the more you read, like, dark and edgy as you'd never expect Naruto to turn into. Reason I'm writing this to you is that errr... well... I'm ready to beg any author not to make our dear blond forgiving sunshine idiot hugehearted Naruto so un-Naruto-like. Him crying when he finds out about his mom is IC and fine, him killing an entire village, beginning with the children, is not.

Can't wait for chapter 4 !
6/7/2015 c3 Kasharo
Ahh. A twist on the classic time travel trope. Nice. I'm looking forward to the next chapter. Cheers.
5/24/2015 c3 Cute Kirby
Character studies are so interesting, aren't they? Fanon tends to over-exaggerate certain aspects of the characters and ignore a ton of subtleties that make them human, like you noticed with Neji and Gaara. Another common fault is to take a character at one point in the story and apply marks of development that hasn't happened yet - e.g. having pre-Jiraiya Naruto set on saving the world when he's still singularly set on getting attention and protecting the (at that time) small group of people he holds precious. Your character development in this chapter seems to mostly revolve around toppling team 7's caricatures of each other, so I don't think you're taking things too quickly there, although Sasuke deciding he needs better self-control is a bit more than can be developmentally expected for a kid who's yet to hit puberty. But a long as you remember that knowing he needs it and actually developing it are two very distant things, it's not entirely improbable. (I saw what you did there, with charging at Itachi in a hallway, btw :D )

The situation with the photo album containing Mikoto's picture hints at interesting possibilities for Sasuke's development. If Naruto's quest for information on his family sparks a similar interest in Sasuke due to that relationship, and some skeletons come out of the Uchiha closet, for instance. Or maybe just having some happy reminders of family, rather than the Mangekyou nightmare of their murder . . . Or Naruto living up to the dumb blond stereotype and demanding stories about his mom from Itachi. I can just see him doing it, too.
5/23/2015 c3 16Jewlbunny
I know how you feel I'm about to work on a ransom report for the Joker when he kidnaps 5 year old Jason Wane (Goku) for I'm thinking 7 billion dollars in small unmarked bills. It's gonna have some laughs with Jason (Goku) kicking Harley Quinn in the shin. Lol I'm excited to do that. I hope to read more soon. I really enjoyed how this turned out. Please continue writing.
5/23/2015 c1 5Kronus96
So I like the idea of them not owning everything in sight right away. Seems to effect only the hosts so far and it involves the Shinigami's mask. The Biju were in character for the brief time we saw them and I really liked the glimpse we were given.
I have no critiques
Thanks for writing
5/22/2015 c3 Illuminated
I'm enjoying your story and the little changes you are making here and there. I hope summer brings you lots of time and inspiration.
5/22/2015 c3 Guest
COntinue please :D
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