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for Dark Sibling Love

2/26 c145 MarioCatjr
Poor Helena
2/19 c154 Skull Flame
What about Tanjiro and Nezuko, from Demon Slayer?
2/16 c1 MechaShadow01
Awesome work you have done here can I request Willy and Lara Tybur from Attack on Titan
1/29 c154 marquis.shax
so I've looked at every chapter name and I don't see any Elsa and Anna from Frozen
1/15 c154 angelwithe
Lyco x leeta Sonic archie comics
1/5 c154 2Plebers
Hope to see Natsu x Fem! Zeref
1/3 c1 deathwatchperson
you should do one on the two sisters from the show shimmer and shine
1/1 c59 TheAllSeeingEye4812
hope for a part 3 and a pound and pumpkin spin-off
1/1 c154 Knight Rider Zero
Tao Ren x Tao Jun
Yoh Asakura x Hao Asakura (female)
12/31/2021 c153 2Agila23
Make Naruto have 3 siblings which triplet. Naruko, Natsuki,Natsumi
12/30/2021 c153 Gemini-Spark
Can you do Yuu and Nene from Digimon Xros Wars.
12/2/2021 c106 gman1127
Nice chapter. Is there a way you can do one more chapter about Max and Emmy but have them do their dark sibling love while they’re taking a bubble bath together? That would be great.
12/1/2021 c1 Gemini-Spark
How about CielXAlouette/Prairi(Mega Man Zero/ZX),MarcusXKristy(Digimon Data Squad),NeneXKotone(Digimon Xros Wars Manga).
11/22/2021 c141 Rinnegan19
Aether and lumine of genshin impact
11/22/2021 c152 Guest
Uh you do know,scars male and a lion right!?
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