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for and the sixth is when you admit

5/6/2017 c17 18emmaleewhittaker
Yes! I love all the tauradonna!
4/4/2017 c17 MABfan11
Do White Rose and Bumblebee next, please
4/5/2015 c14 Guest
little did she know he was a murderer
3/20/2015 c13 Guest
ehhh your back :)
3/17/2015 c1 A friend
These are all really good. You should keep it up!
12/1/2014 c12 36Jauney boy
This chapter feels familiar...But it it's motivating.
11/28/2014 c3 NYA
11/16/2014 c9 Bitch this is
Here r my guesses: #1: Blake & Adam; #2: Weiss & Neptune, #3: Jaune & Pyrrah, #4: Pyrrah & Adam (he's the only character so far with a mask), #5: Ruby & Roman, #6:Ren & Weiss, #7: Pyrrah & Ren, #8: Jaune & Nora, #9: Blake & Adam (Again!)
11/16/2014 c5 Bitch this is
It's me again, I just forgot the three dots at the end. Anyway, this is also 1 scentence too many. Sorry to be such a micro manager, but I'm pretty OCD about stuff like this (and cleaning- God, people never let me clean cuz I take way too long with everything!)
11/16/2014 c3 Bitch this is
This 1 was actually 7 scenteces, btw. Just sayin' in case u missed it. Peace, brothers (and sisters)!

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