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for Forget the Now and Become the Then

2/11/2019 c2 brooklynusaman1997
I really hope you continue/rewrite this because this was so good :3
3/21/2016 c1 Guest
It's like you're allergic to finishing stories. Do you have ADD? I'm only asking because you come up with some of the most interesting stories only to later abandon them for another fic (which you will eventually abandon).
2/27/2015 c1 simeon234
Update your story
1/27/2015 c1 blacksmoke14
Freaking awesome please finish! Thank you.
12/30/2014 c1 Tsoh-snomA
Please, there's gotta be more. This is some of the best stuff I've read in awhile now, I sincerely hope you choose to continue this.
11/20/2014 c1 29Silvereye-BW
Very few horror fics that I like and I just love this one so far. Please give us more.
11/16/2014 c1 reaper11
That was freaking awesome!
11/12/2014 c1 FF8cerberus
Not sure if I will read it all. It depends on how often you update. You pretty much gave the reason for why he's doing this in the beginning. It wasn't intentional, but it's Raven's fault for using that spell. I believe I know why he's doing this and why he will continue to do so unless she breaks or reverses the spell she cast. She will need to sacrifice her dreams or his life. The question is though, will she figure it out in time and even and even then what will she choose to do? Just from the beginning you know more people will die and they won't be able to stop it. I think he will kill some of his friends and probably leave Raven for last since it began with her. Like I said before I'm not sure I'll follow this story. Update fast enough and keep it interesting. It'll be annoying reading about what Beastboy's and the others reaction will be because it's expected. Until the next hunt, later.
11/10/2014 c1 92detrametal
okay, I'll be the first to say I'm one giant freaking pansy...so you really really really suck. now I'm stuck reading an addicting horror story at night...I'm probably not going to sleep very well...but I really enjoyed the story and look forward to more. only one question though BBXRae?
11/10/2014 c1 MelodicPort
make him kill slade but this is pretty good update soon

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