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7/2 c1 Guest
Bag of wank
7/1 c5 2Tendragos
This seems like it'd be a very interesting story. Illeria and the Avengers would be a cool story. I can see a little thing with the Ancient One and ALL her underlings popping out up as soon as she lands, maybe a stand off where she thinks the spell casters are Wolfram and Hart.
5/8 c5 8Veedramon
I am amazed she didn't use the reality stone to restore her full power.
5/8 c4 Veedramon
Cookie ship; cookie ship, it makes me hungry.
5/6 c5 camagassi72
Enjoyed the story would love to see more and faster updated. À 2nd with illyria fighting ego. They would probably know each other since illyria is an ancient being that arrive to dis universe in its early stages.
5/3 c5 TheWickedTruth89
Great chapter, I can't wait to see more.
5/1 c5 UnitedLuck
just want to point out that in chapter 2 you said that peter met some skrull but now you are saying he doesn't know what they are
5/1 c5 alichi
Always a great day to see one of the few Illyria-fics get an update.

Also looking forward to what Illyria will make of the Avengers.
4/30 c5 Inquisitor0
Something to consider is that Illyria is supposed to be native to the realm before the Key created the current universe and she now naturally exists in multiple dimensions at the same time after the Key created the dimensional barriers of the current universe. It's likely that she'll survive if the Infinity Gauntlet is used on her but the collateral damage around her&her shell/Fred won't survive. She could probably use the different aspects of the infinity stones naturally like Power, Reality, Space, Time to a certain degree&likely immune to their effects. So if she got a hold of all 6 infinity stones, she wouldn't require an Infinity Gauntlet but her shell/Fred won't survive without it. Having the Infinity Gauntlet would allow her/Winifred Burkle to be more in charge though as Fred's Mind&Soul can assert itself upfront while the real Illyria is just existing in the background in multiple dimensions. More like Illyria's attention is too busy looking around the multiverse while Fred's attention is focused locally due to the Infinity Gauntlet. A good analogy for Fred is Captain Mar-vell's Cosmic-Awareness with Fred being in the driver seat while Illyria's just existing in a higher realm like in the time of the Primordium or at the Edge of Creation of the multiverse. Having access to the Reality Stone does allow Fred to see how the local universe works and learned how to manipulate reality without needing the stone anymore when it's returned to Knowhere. Overall Illyria/Fred is still on the same power level as the other gods like Lord Chaos&Order and the InBetweener.

Anyway was hoping that Cosmo(dog) would join the Guardians and maybe Howard the Duck too since they're all returning to Earth after giving the Reality Stone back to the Collector. Would like to read an army of Slayers trying to kill Peter.
6/23/2019 c4 SamDragon2
Pretty good.
Will look forward to the next chapter.
1/27/2019 c4 vmage2
Oddly interesting.
1/26/2019 c3 camagassi72
Love ur story can wait for the updates thou love the concept u taking and the guts u have for writing and illyria story shes to much .
1/26/2019 c4 camagassi72
Im sorry but thanos needs all the infinity stones to defeat illyria at full power . Illyria at full power and destroy all of time ending existence . Her lvl of power over space and time rivals the infinity stones she is on the same level as being like dormamu cthon mcu ego and other elder gods yes weaken illyria thanos can defeat her but not at full power.
1/23/2019 c4 CrimsonBolt1
Nice to see this back.
1/22/2019 c4 Morbious20
Good chapter and story so far .
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